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Tuesday, October 16, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Ilwaco, Washington on 2018-10-16 03:29:00 - Object of 3 red lights with 4th pulsating light appears in sky

i had spent a good half hour watching the stars near the corvus constellation when suddenly an object came into view right over the top stars position in the sky. it was 3 (or 4) solid red lights with a slight tint of orange and one light pulsating inbetween the first and second light. the lights were in a perfect row, much like an airplanes, but this was no airplane. the object was silent and located well over the pacific ocean and continued slower than an airplane would headed north. it was wnw of my location upon first view, and continued towards the north before being obscured from view due to the trees and my position inside our home. this experience was one of a kind because i felt for a good hour that something was going to happen and in fact kept my view focused on that direction for an hour waiting. i even had spent 10 minutes or so studying the constellations on google that i could see from our window which was the only time i took my eyes away from the wnw viewpoint out our window. i felt overwhelmed with excitement at the sight both because of how it simply appeared and because i was able to wake up my wife fast enough for her to get up and see it too. afterwards i kept talking about how amazing it was to actually see something like i had been expecting to, as my wife and i had actually planned to go looking st the stars tonight but a sudden toothache prevented this. i was so elated and shocked by it, and just wanted for my wife to see it as well, that i ripped my headphones out of my ears causing pain and held my cellphone in my left hand but never opened it up to try to even snap a single picture which is very unlike me.

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Credit: MUFON

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