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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sacramento, California on 2018-10-07 19:25:00 - Came from se red with twin tail. then beam with cloud coming closer.

Husband and i were coming home from visiting family. we were heading south on highway 99 when my husband directed my attention to an interesting sight in the southeastern sky. i looked and saw a bright red orange light. what was interesting was the light had a twin tail. the light turned to move west and then suddenly went out. only a few seconds elapsed and a white beam appeared along with clouds that moved outward from the center where the white light was located. those clouds seemed to boil into view and i asked my husband to pull over and stop because it appeared as if an impact/crash was imminent. however, the light slowed and then began to reverse and rise at an angle and begin moving south. as it moved faster twin white tails appeared. we started moving again to the south. the tails were visible for approximately five minutes and got smaller as it moved further south. after the five minutes the white light just disappeared. this entire incident happened at approximately 7:25 pm and it was very nearly dark with only a thin red orange line above the horizon to the west. the lights we saw never strobed or blinked.

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Credit: MUFON

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