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Sunday, October 21, 2018

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UFO Sighting in SiĆ³fok, on 2017-10-24 20:00:00 - It was an about 15 cm sphere, moving fast, hovering, changing directions, disappearing...

It was on 24 of october in 2017 at about 20:00. my wif and i was out of the house. i saw something on the sky. i thought it was a falling star. i pointed that direction to show to my wife and i realised that the small thing is moving and changing direction. we watched the strange small little orange light on the sky... then we suddenly realised that the trees in the neighbour’s garden are behind the small object. it was coming like a snake toward us and hovering above the garage of the neighbour. it was about 3 meters high and about 5 meters far from us. after a few seconds with a strange “snakey” move it changed the direction flied away between the neigbour’s and the 2. house from us and disappeared... i asked my wife... do you see anything? she told yes... after that we spoke about it, and saw the same. this small orange sphere was a little bit transparent and had a trail behind it when it was flying... it was very strange...

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Credit: MUFON

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