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Monday, October 29, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Estes Park, Colorado on 2016-09-12 00:00:00 - Twice the size of air force one looked like the calamari in star wars but smaller

Stephen greer refers to my experience as an encounter of the 7th kind as i was first taken to mars while living out of my car. as i was trying to sleep that night in my station wagon there began a severe change in air pressure and as i also felt some type of energy all through my body and all around me. it took three hours to finally get to sleep that night as from 8 to 11 pm i was unable to sleep because of these two things. my dog was also in the car as i sat up unable to breath at first i thought it was some sort of axiety or panic attack which i dismissed immediately as she stood up and began panting and walking in circles feeling just as i did at the same time barely able to breath. i was asleep for what felt could have been two hours i am not sure because i was asleep but when i did open my eyes my entire world had changed, literally i was on an alien planet looking through my back window at two moons in the sky. there was a red rectangle shaped building to my right which what appeared to have circuit board patterns on the outside lining it's outer surface. one could not feel further from everything they had ever known stripped away in a single moment. the shape of this building appeared man made but the patterns on the outside were clearly and highly advanced looking. there were dark stairs leading into it as it was pitch black inside, the door leading in i do not remember if it was opened or closed but i remember the dark squares where windows would be. this place looked abandoned and yet i felt someone could show up at any moment, not knowing what sort of being i might encounter if someone did appear. as i would later discover it was phobos i was seeing with deimos lurking in the background a remember my first description of what i had seen was three moons not two and the only reason i felt i could have been dreaming is because the sky seemed to move. the only thing i eventually realized which did not take long was that it was the moon phobos and it does rotate counter clockwise around the planet mars every 4 or 5 hours. when my eyes first saw the sky that night phobos was to the right of deimos and when i was sent back -- instantly while wide awake-- deimos appeared to the right. as the moon hovered across the sky i noticed two mountains to the left which were two dark to tell how far away and how big they were. the entire ground that was under me was the same way as the soil appeared black as the moon phobos was the only light provided. as i thought this must be a dream i was about to get out of my car and explore which was now next to this half man made alienisk type of building. until i heard the blood curdling sound of a woman scream followed by the sound of a creature i had never heard the likes of of that on earth. i once again found myself frozen in this type of fear that i have difficulty explaining. as i began to gain the courage to once again get out of my everything around me became white, that white ended up being a very thick cloud that surrounded me. i sat up quickly as if coming out of the worst nightmare out of a scary movie my heart felt it was being crushed, i could not breath at all, and as i looked outside my car everything appeared to very tiny. i closed my eyes and reached for my dog feeling this was going to be the end of my life opening my eyes just long enough to see my dog when last time as i placed my hand on her head waking her. outside then looked normal at least the size but the cloud was still so thick i would say it was 2-3 feet visibility. my breath returned and my heart went back to normal. i at this point still thinking perhaps it was just a nightmare looked at the clock on my dashboard that said 6:38. i assumed it meant 6:38pm. it was not 18 hours and 10 minutes had gone by on earth which to me was a couple hours sleep and a 20 second experience on the surface of mars. a month and a half went by where i felt very tired as if at noon should have been midnight. i would call this jet lag from hell. it would be just over a month when i would be taken again but this time i would not leave earth but instead be taken clear across the state of colorado to the sand dunes where this is another story for another day. i traveled in like manner as mars but this time i felt nothing as the scenery around me instantly changed before my eyes. i will only add one thing from this experience is i did see myself as i also saw the very place i would be housed that winter completely unaware at the time it was where i would end up physically driving to this location i had never heard of although was sent there before i even knew i was eventually heading in that direction. i will attach a photo of what appears behind me in a picture i took of myself that captures clearly an unworldly being that was able to do what i described happened to me. she appears out of nowhere and disappeared unnoticed until i later looked at the pictures i had taken. i just got a new phone and fear if i back out of this website to retrieve from my backup i will erase all progress.

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Credit: MUFON

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