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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2018-03-31 09:01:00 - I was out looking for help for world order and aliens spoke to me telepathically in san diego from a line of ufos. then lead me to venice beach and taught me the secrets of the universe. stopped , fast forward time and everything. saw landings from twater

I first met these aliens as i was an artist in dallas fort worth. they said they liked my hip-hop music and visited me in my dreams multiple times from scenes under a tree or in the settings of the pyramid. when i'd rap outside they'd come in clouds in huge machines or across the horizon in hovering robot symbols like crosses or red eyed spiders. / san diego i was on the phone with silicone valley program developers from san jose university and i believe stanford or mit i don't remember one of those schools in that area to develop a website for upcoming artist that had a mix of (soundcloud , linkedin, tumblr and instagram along with a navigation gps system because how cool would it be to know your next door neighbor or the people in your area does the same art as you do. but for some weird reason no one permits this feature.) && all of sudden i loose contact with these people and a couple of developers still my idea for a quick website and some quick cash.. that same night. i'm outside in the backyard watching the spring valley mountains in san diego were i was on the phone with my idea that evening and a beam of light strikes the ground in the middle of the city below and i see this huge alien animal trotting through traffic like some sci-fi movie. (i'm from a ghetto in dallas/fort worth black guy. i do not make up stories like this. i am a thug like a cool good guy thug negro that does music that's into science and stuff.) and this helicopter from behind the mountains comes out and starts chasing it. as i'm watching the chase i sense something watching me so i start to go into my auntie's house and and twinkle (like little stars) starts to bounch toward me like some ceasing dust and i don't remember if it hit me or i already went inside the house. that night i go to sleep and quickly i'm in a ship that as soon as i'm aware of where i am they suck me into the side of this bubblegum like open mouth like pink electricical substance and it knocks me out. and the aliens were pink with oval eyes. some africans that stay inside around here in san diego have similar head shapes of it would seem like a bigger one of these aliens with triceratop like features but are dwendled down to like a predator (from alien vs predator type people). then i wake up but i remember being in that ship. couple months later i witnessed a huge triangler ship over imperial beach naval beach telepathically even alien sending me signs there about human behavior and my health and future and past events. a month after that they were speaking me so hard telepathically i had got checked into a psych behavior help institution. my family thought i was crazy my mom even did and they blamed it on my thyroid organ. that was in 2004 i saw a ufo or two maybe as a child two i saw a ghost 2008-2015 i was rapping and saw them, 2016 i went to the psych behavior help institution for being telepathically spoken too. now 2017-2018 long story short i'm rapping again and i needed funding and i have a job working at fedex but it's taking up my time. i'm speaking to my spirit and i'm learning about my 3rd eye my health and the electricity on my back into my stomach my chakras my orishas and some weird stuff is going on around me like i can read people's energy. (my phsych was blossoming)(but the aliens pushed me through it.) apparently my body was trynna unlocked the secrets of the universe over to me like knowledge , science and health over to me naturally and these blocks were killing me and all types of stuff. there was no balance so i was going crazy with all these uncommon cues. i was telepathically spoken to as i was trynna figure all this out at the mall and they sent me rushing back home in fort worth this is when i went back to texas then back to san diego) then off to la. apparently the aliens asked me if i was sure if o wanted to meet them while i was driving on the road. i was like yeah because i was into speaking to my ancestors..... went through some trials but i made it. so the aliens were like you want to know us. get rid of your job , your car your everything and will speak to you. and i'm like hold on the car too..... i'll be homeless my clothes people will think i'm naked stop eating certain foods and shit in the woods are you serious. i was religious (rebellious) but i couldn't keep up with the payments the aliens finally got me out of my fear of leaving my car. they started i met one telepathically speaking to me that day a light skinned black women in all black tall with hills rough hair due but as she spoke , she talked to me telepathically at the same time and i understood it. basically telling me that i was going to now learn the way and that she will be with me as her and a congregation of alien star people teach me the truth about everything. so they proceeded and i was taught because i seemed the knowledge and that they were proud and that i was bright. so alot happened but i was hungry and they left me (the aliens could walk people) to this road were it looks like plans from an airstation leading up from the mountains.(there are reports of this in the newspaper in san diego(said to be military operations) the aliens call this the celestial road. (for beings that want to do good sense we are of a conciousness that understands that we are of a certain intelligence that allows us to articulate our being in such a manner that we deem ourselves as comprehensive and divine being that we would be sought as governors of the universe itself along with all other living things) that we'd understand hurt and turmoil and bad things happening in our solar system that'll destroy our natural way of live. so naturally they'll be ones that'll want to protect it. instinctually intelligentlly. i was under those roads of lights about a light pole away from each ufo as i walked under them. and they were cia, other military alien and non-alien trying to actually stop it from happening.... so they lead me to save place using nature to fend off those people. (the voice told me that the tree is all that you need.)(implying that even if you develop and what i witnessed. that even if you develop a technology that is devastating all you will ever need is nature.)( and that was also a dispute in the alien community concil. they were arguing about what they really needed as a collective and i met a green clothed black alien with glasses riding a bike that saved me that night and was speaking to me about it. his clothes and his tribe represented nature. but the dispute was mainly about who's tech was better. tech man-alien made or tech striaght from the earth. and he was making a pretty good argument.) later i train hop to la. were downtown (i got a vision from dallas/fort worth and telepathically this whole time i'm speaking to various of aliens but the olmecs are the ones who control the celestial road and they were short and still live they visited me in san diego .... crazy enough i didn't know that that's were they were from around intill i met a professor around there. near mexico.) and i met them and what now also the lumerian community. monkey black negro people they were other races of lumeria too. they were of the dinosaur age. it's slot in those history books that they leave out. they could levitation and play music and fight and all that. monkey people. but the olmecs don't like to be called that. they told me their history. they became intellectually savu after the lumerian age which was like gladiator but was a bare knuckle , science fight and fun age for them into olmecians. then they met other worldly beings that they faught. they even inhabited the whole united states.) but i'm in down town la and i meet an olmecians that unlocks my brain to have sex a different way sex telepathically. from distances away... long story short. it pushes my intellects. i meet these aliens at venice beach that are under cover secret society alien armies here on earth as you can see on my page instagram :kinglevii000. they tell me they control people that they telepathically have sex tell me their history teach me about universal secrets munited states secrets and they told me they love my music but rap won't save anyone even though my ancestors did it and i can summon the earth that way too. they just want me to practice science more that's why i'm in school right now. it's called sorcery. these were like african aliens predating egyptians but the olmecians and lumerian and there were other aliens there too all derived from the soil (like nature) and their fighting armies that detect the nature in their bodies. the usa practice this against them but the aliens have already penetated our lines , some have never left , some can have manipulate time and people.... so i don't think their to worried. their like indians the most powerful of them are just trying to get us to see the right way.But i've witnessed rock landings , battles under water, star charting, time warping , super human powers given to me, super alien human powers exibited..... i had an alien give me a hologramicly raptor , i've had like super team of x-men around me of all races. it really is like the men and black serious they walk around as human beings and they taught me even how to revive bodies.... and humanoid secrets... they practice their telecommunication around the world and even through the universe. that's how they speak. they taught me that's where all this telephone television all that came from. some are insect like and can jump in and control your body and show you after you leave society , nature will fix you. they shown me that they see sideways... there is a whole community of aliens at venice beach no lie. but they'll never speak because you have electricity on your feet that speaks the same way your mind does.They can speak through animals shape shift and everything. no wonder they're afriad of letting the truth out. some of our wemon even love having sex with them. that's another reason.

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Credit: MUFON

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