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Monday, October 15, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Coquille, Oregon on 2018-09-01 00:00:00 - Huge round lights shining through for from directly overhead inside about a million acres of blm

i live and work in a very remote, all year around campground surrounded by thousands of acres of blm forest. i first started seeing the lights the first week of july. i continue to see them every week. i have seen them pulse, blink out, become very dim or very bright. i have seen more than one at a time. i have seen two change directions at the same time as if im watching a choriographed ballet in the sky. i have had one come down over the river, between the massive trees on each side and blink twice. i have been able to show them to campers... who all think im talking about satellites, until they see them too. i am still in contact with several witnesses who can confirm these sightings. the weirdest one so far was when, one night, i was visiting with three other campers... i was showing one of them the "moving stars" i see. she and i were watching one dissapear into the distance, when the other two people walked up. at that moment a thick fog rolled in over head. the girl and i commented that now we won't be able to watch our ufos.... just as i said that, the whole sky flashed with a bright light that was gone before you could register it. so, the four of us just stand there, looking up into the sky... this huge, solid circle of light appears on the fog, turns off, then turns on again, but has moved slightly and off. and that was it. we just stood there with our mouths open. one of the campers, grumbled something about car headlights and went inside. me and the girl, and the girl's father all looked at each other and agreed it was no headlights... we are on one road that leads deep into blm. had there been a car pointing straight at the fog above our heads... well, that car would have had to have wings... i continue to see them. just about any night that i have a good hour to spend looking skywards... i always see them. and it seems that when i invite people to see them with me, they always appear and put on a show. i tried taking pictures and video... my phone is awful. i tried a real camera, but i cant seem to get a good shot when they look like stars, which is most of the time... and when they do something amazing, its so amazing, i dont think about recording til after the fact... i would love for professionals to come camp a week with me. i tell people their minds will be blown... and they always leave saying "that was no satellite!" i think they like to be shown to people... i would also like to mention that i am 42 years old and an army veteran. i do not drink or take drugs. i simply believe that they want to be seen and i just thought mufon would like to know. i dont have cell service out there, but can be reached when i go to town. i usually get to town mondays and tuesdays to check my email. thank you for taking the time to read about my on-going experience. very sincerely, kh

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Credit: MUFON

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