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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Lansdale, Pennsylvania on 2018-10-30 13:40:00 - Saw black craft far above plane. craft moved erratically, changed direction and speeds.

1. i was outside at recess with kids from school where i work - first graders. we were watching a plane cross the sky, leaving a vapor trail in its path. 2. i first noticed the craft as a small, black spot next to the plane. 3. at first i thought it was a light/shadow effect. then, i thought it might be an eye floater; it was not, as it did not follow a typical floater pattern. i said, "there's something next to the plane," and one of the kids said "i see it too. what is it?" "i don't know," i said. 4. the object was small and black. i assume it was flying high above the plane due to its size, compared to that of the plane. at first, the two flew parallel, but as the plane continued se, the object seemed to slow, hesitate, turn toward the n, slow again, and continue se. 5. i was excited, as i've never seen a ufo before. i reached into my pocket to get my phone to take a picture. i kept my eye on the object as long as i could, but had to look away in order to start the camera function on my phone. 6. when i looked up, i could no longer see the object. at least 3 children saw the object. i said to them, "we just saw a ufo." "what's a ufo?" they replied. "an un-identified flying object. i don't know what that was, so it's unidentified." they went back to playing. i texted my wife: i just saw a ufo. she replied: they didn't take you? i'm already being mocked. lol

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Credit: MUFON

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