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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Deary, Idaho on 2006-07-15 22:30:00 - Saw strange lights that didn't move right

I spent a few weeks one summer sleeping in the hayloft of the barn in northern idaho. there was a large opening that used to be used for hay bales but, we didn't keep anything up there, and used it as a play area when me and my siblings were younger. i was laying there, not really tired, or ready to fall asleep, so instead, i was star gazing. something i did often because the farm was so far away from any cities or towns, or even neighbors, so i had a spectacular view. i noticed some weird lights that kept changing color. they reminded me of venus. but, they we're moving. i was laying on my side, not moving, and they were just to the right of the tree line, and one particular tree that was especially tall, giving me a point of reference. there we're three lights, and they weren't moving like anything i had ever seen. i've lived on, or near military bases in the past, and even on the farm, sometimes saw some very random military helicopters, and low flying jets. the lights didn't move like those. they looked almost like they we're playing tag, moving around each other, and swapping flight paths. the lights kept changing colors rapidly, and growing larger as they came closer. i realized they we're less than a quarter mile away (between me and our closest neighbor) and that they we're going to pass over the barn. i also realized that it might be safest if i didn't see any more, and rolled over to look the other direction, and pretending to be asleep. i noticed that everything was quiet. usually, the frogs and crickets from the pond were almost deafening, and there we're a lot of coyotes and other wildlife in the area. it was the mountains in idaho, on a farm in the middle of the woods. silence was very rare. that night, was complete silence. i lay there shaking, and felt like i was going to vomit. the air felt heavy, and my head started to hurt from the pressure. then, it was daylight. i don't remember falling asleep, or waking up. i didn't feel tired, or groggy, just, blinked, and it was daylight out. it was also the one day i didn't need to make a mad dash to the house for the toilet.

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Credit: MUFON

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