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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Brookton highway, Western Australia on 2018-10-27 00:00:00 - 2 events in a 3 week period

Driving to forrestania from perth. 10pm. went for a pee stop just past brookton, there is a rest break stop further along the highway and seen star like eyes hiding in bushes. more than 10. i thought it was kangaroos or fire flies. it was very dark and many bushes and trees. i seen a limb lash out towards me and briefly caught a glimpse of some goblin looking thing crouching. but it looked more demonic. dark features but scaled. i looked on internet and repcon was very comparable. i panicked and made way in land to my job site. once i made the turn i seen a large light to my right as it flashed and then saw another bright light beside it. one was stationary which turned out to be venus and the other one wasn’t glaring like a star but only had the glare of light in its travel path. it was following me. and had done for over 300km. it was gaining distance and was infront of me but to the right. then when i made my last turn off i seen it decend and perch itself near a dam infront of my camp. there were rectangle windows with manlike dark figures walking. i thought it was a room at our camp but there isn’t any where that craft landed. i could see a faint purple dome on top of it. i was parked on the other side of the dam with full view. i seen star eyes surround my vehicle with shapeshifting body’s like black cloaks. i seen faint green love heart shapes in the tree tops all at different heaighta maybe about 5 or more. every time i tried to shine light it would disappear. the star eye people would not let me look at them directly. but i could see their eyes nearly on focus but better if i see them peripheral. or i can see them using my side mirrors on my car. i had more than 30 around me. i sat in my car for about 1 hour. they were moving around and was just trying to see what i’m looking at. the star eyes can move quick. like a flash. they seem to be taller. very difficult to see them in darkness. when i looked at the sky, there were more than 30 bright lights moving. some in pairs and some in 3’s. i have video on the orb. but my phone could not detect the other lights and green faint heads. my second sighting was recent. going from forrestania to lerth at 7pm. this is when darkness was setting in. i was parked in the forrest. i looked up and say a flashing abject. 3 colours. i said there you are... i was cursing at myself and had to leave. it was moving in short spurts. but when i was driving i didn’t want to pay to much attention to it. once i made it to the highway i looked in my rear view mirror and that when i realised i was being followed. it was a white faint light with orange light maybe spinning around it. i thought it was a car with no headlights. it was maybe 50 metres behind me. there are no lights on most of this highway till you get to a town. so i was aware. but still denied it and closed my eyes for a brief second, looked on my side mirror, yes it’s still trailing behind me. then i turn my head back and yes it was something but hard to figure out what it was. then within 5 minutes of that, i had been surrounded. they came from the sides, within 10 metres on either side. something hovering above me and could see pulsing lights reflecting off my vehicle, i could see them in front of me. they were mainting a steady speed beside, i had many just in front of me flashing orange white and red. when they got closer i could see the windows. it was 2 maybe 3 lengths of my car in circumference. very big. it looked like it was shape shifting. because it was dark it was difficult to examine and i’m travelling at 100km/h. so it was dangerous to juggle this. so some videos is me not looking at the object but just point my phone camera at the sides and sky. all these light displays were happening all the way to corrigin. it was about 11pm. i was not feeling safe anymore and from my experience they seem to shy away from light so i stayed in corrigin till day break. when i parked at the fuel station. i seen only 4 star eyes behind me and i seen maybe 10 in the sky hovering. same as the first one i seen earlier that evening. the lights in the sky were warping which made it look shape shifty. but maybe my video will speak for it self. i have photoahe of the pilot inside.

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Credit: MUFON

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