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Sunday, October 14, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Albuquerque, New Mexico on 2018-10-13 19:30:00 - Orbs in triangle formation, orbs disappear then reappear turning into fireworks then disappearing behind a tree with orbs still visible.

Me and my boyfriend had just parked at a restaurant and were about to go inside and eat when i noticed 3 orbs in the sky forming a triangle. my first thought was to get my phone out just in case something started to happen, my boyfriend thought it might've been related to the balloon fiesta. the triangle shape hovered there for 3 ish minutes before i pulled out my phone and started recording. after recording for a bit, the orbs dimmed before brightening back up and turning into what appeared to be fireworks. the "fireworks" seemed way too small to be 4th of july style fireworks and they didn't fade out, they just floated in the air before dimming again to just green and red lights and disappearing behind a tree. there was another triangle formation of just red lights in the sky that never moved and a white light that looked like an inchworm, sometimes creeping along the sky but for the most part not moving. about 5 minutes after the "thing" disappeared behind the tree, real fireworks started erupting from behind the same tree and we noticed fireworks in the opposite direction as well. then those stopped. i'm not sure how long after that, but we saw a bright light appear in the middle of the sky (we're calling it a plane) and it looked like it was coming toward us but took a sudden sharp turn toward the red triangle formation and inch worm looking thing. it only got so close to them though before it stopped in midair and turned around, going to its original starting point in the sky. it appeared to be coming toward us again, but again took a sharp turn toward the objects. it did the same thing as last time, stopping in midair and turning around to return to the starting point. it did that about 6 more times before i pulled out my phone to record it. i only got one loop on camera i think before it broke the cycle and flew past the lights, so i stopped recording, except right as i stopped recording, it stopped in midair and turned around again. more started appearing and doing the same thing, there were maybe 6 at one time but they were hard to keep track of as they all looked the same and kept changing direction. eventually they all disappeared except for the first "plane" which was the only one who's path stayed consistent. we decided to go into the restaurant and eat and when we came out about an hour later, the red triangle formation, the inch worm thing, and the single "plane" flying in a loop were all still there.

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Credit: MUFON

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