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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in California on 1992-01-06 03:33:00 - This is not a ufo sighting but i believe i am a hybrid and want the truth

I know this is for ufo sightings but please hear me out. i believe i am a hybrid and feel like my awakening is happening now and feel compiled to tell my story with as many people possible. let me start off by saying i have always lived in a big city near los angeles so i have never lived in the country, it always been always crowded and well lit with all these stories! it all starts with my moms. she started seeing white short figures on the side of her eye a little before i was conceived and when she would look at it it would disappear. one time she even saw a white figure standing in the middle of the street staring at her when she was driving and she got close it disappeared. fast forward to one night when i was 2 years old. i do not personally remember this experience but this in the words of my mom. we lived in an apartment building on the 3rd story so there was no other houses out our window or anything. my mom awoke to a very bright light coming through the kitchen window, she said like high beams. she got up and went to the kitchen to see what it was. she said she saw an outline of a person in our kitchen standing there but she couldn't see features. she then began to talk to it through her mind and said "please do not make me forget this again" and the figure talked back through its brain and said "i wont as long as you dont tell anyone about this". she said she wouldn't and went back to bed like if nothing ever happened. she woke up a little weirded out thinking that was a weird dream but forgot about it and went to work. after work she came home and saw me and my dad talking. he looked completely freaked out and told my mom " you need to hear her dream". i was only 2 so i gave as much detail i could and told her i went to the mans house out the window with all the lights. she immediately froze up and got chills remembering her dream. she said my face was dead serious. she tried to ask me more but i was only 2 and got distracted and wouldn't talk about it anymore. fast forward to me being a kid, i was always very weird. i never fit in and felt alone. i had friends but they always called me a weird and laugh at me because i was constantly acting weird. i had to learn to try and fit in which i still haven't mastered but got better at it lol. i have always been able to feel peoples emotions as if i am that person. if someone around me is sad i will feel my heart start hurting, if they are happy i will cry tears of happiness with them, ect. i have always he felt as though i have a mission but do not know what it is or how to complete it. i hate this world and feel like i'm stuck on a planet i do not belong too. i've felt like i have a super power but obviously dont lol i can also predict certain outcomes of different scenarios and read people just by looking at them. i am slightly alergic to most things and have stomach, breathing and other issues. i am also double jointed in most places and also suffer from anxiety, depression, add, slight dyslexia with numbers mainly, which are all charactersistics. as i mentioned before i lived in a big city but at night i would see eyes staring at me through my blinds from age like 5 to 14 which my brain told me were owls. it wouldn't be every night but once in a while i would see them but for some reason i would just fall asleep and i would forget about it. it stopped at 14 because i got tired of feeling scared at night and finally covered up the window with a big sheet. i then later learned people say they see owls out the window when it has really been aliens when they do hypnotherapy so that freaked me out a little. i have also have many encounters with the paranormal from a very small child until now which i'm thinking could have been aliens. fast forward to a few years ago... i started waking up every night anytime from 3 to 4 and everytime i felt like someone was in the room with me (besides my husband) . i would feel really weird like someone is watching me. i started waking up with bruises some nights. i then remembered the alien story my mom told me about when i was 2 and started researching. i was watching conferences, documentaries, so many websites. i then came across hybrid children and had almost every characteristic. i then got really into it and it's like they knew i was researching them and started waking up more and more in my sleep but then started lucid dreaming as well which i would dream of them and being with them and i loved them. i didnt want to leave them. i also started dreaming about people i have never met before but know them very well in my dreams and places i have never been but always go to the same place in my dreams. i yearn for this place i have never been in real life and have actually woke up crying because i had to leave the people in my dreams. i then felt like my dreams were trying to send me a message so i asked them before i went to bed one night to please not make me scared of them in real life so i can remember my abductions and experience it. that night i woke up as usual but this time saw my favorite color, lime green, as a light against the wall where i sleep and felt this unimaginable feeling of love that i have ever felt. love that i didnt even know was real until that second. i am a very loving person and have a very loving mom and kids but it was even stronger than that. it was truly unexplainable but ever since i have not been scared, only more curious. i tried to self hypnotize myself a few times and only had like 10 second clips each time. one was being inside a spaceship feeling love as if they were my family and another was seeing a very sterile all white room where they had many pods of hybrids growing. i have seen people in half sleep, half awake mode in my room but i cant move and see them through my eyelid and freak out. i honestly just want answers and want to know the truth. i honestly believe i'm a hybrid because they started messing with my mom a little before i was conceived and have been taking me since i was small. not to mention the love and happiness i feel with them. i was going to do hypnotherapy with my favorite speaker of all time, barbra lamb, because she is very educated in the subject. i talked to her on the phone and everything but then life happened and i could no longer afford my session. i feel lost and alone and if i truly am a hybrid, i want to know my family.

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