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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Gravenhurst, Ontario on 2018-08-05 00:00:00 - Large round shaped object hovering over treeline beside deep bay off the trent severn- flashed red and white lights constantly for over an hour and a half until we had to go to sleep- it just hovered spinning for the entire time across the lake over trees

On august 5th 2018, 7 boaters including us tied up our cruisers on deep bay off the trent severn in ontario- we were there for a total of 3 nights tied up together swimming, cooking and enjoying a perfect weekend on the water. on sunday evening my 55 year old boyfriend and i decided to lay out a blanket on the bow of our boat and watch the stars before heading to bed. after about 20 minutes or so we noticed a large bright round object flashing red & white spinning lights across the lake and above the tree line in front of us facing north. we watched it for some time, confused why it wasnt moving and what would be flashing these types of lights. we grabbed the binoculars and took turns watching it- able to observe the colors better and confirm that the colors were turning/spinning or alternately flashing. we ran through all possibilities we could think of to explain what it could possibly be- if it was a helicopter- it was the wrong shape, how could it hover in one spot for so long, why & how could it be spinning lights and why was there no sound, if it was a plane- how can it hover, ..Clearly not a weather balloon, far far too large to be a drone. we wanted to watch it all eve but had to get to sleep unfortunately. in the morning it was gone. i tried to take pictures but the object was to far and the surroundings were to pitch black to capture anything but darkness. this was the oddest thing we have ever seen. when we returned to the marina the next day and mentioned something to a friend there- he also said he saw something over the water that was flashing lights and very strange. we have not seen it since.

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Credit: MUFON

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