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Saturday, October 27, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Sloan, Nevada on 2018-10-27 10:15:00 - Object appeared to be at fl30 or higher - over contrails of other jets. no emissions. slow moving. i captured about 200 photos with a nikon dslr and zoom. object seems crescent shaped.

1) sloan nv - jean dry lake bed. approx 10:15 am pacific time - 10/27/2018 - we were camping in an rv and playing with the kids. 2) i was sitting in a chair, outside watching the aircraft to and from las vegas airport. i noticed what appeared to be a yellow ball that seemed stationary but at an extremely high altitude. it -was- moving but extremely slow. grabbed my nikon dslr, mounted it on a tripod and began to take approx 200 photos in both .Jpg and .Nef formats. 3) on first seeing the object, i didn't know what it was because it appeared entirely too high for a blimp, to stationary for an airplane. 4) the object to the naked eye appeared circular, yellow, and large for the altitude. it appeared to be above the contrails of lower aircraft. very slow moving. the object seemed to travel in a straight path to the nw from my position. didn't change speed. through my camera, the object appeared to be crescent-shaped like a giant boomerang. i thought it ---might--- be a weather balloon, but unless it was a high altitude nasa type, it didn't have the characteristics of a normal nws balloon. it appeared to be gaining altitude, or perhaps only getting farther away - difficult to tell. 5) i don't get excited at many things. but this was currious. 6) it either got so high in altitude that i could no longer find it or its distance laterally was too great.

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Credit: MUFON

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