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Friday, October 26, 2018

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UFO Sighting in North Carolina on 2017-02-03 03:45:00 - I have no recollection of visually seeing a ufo

I have no memory of a physical ufo. since i was 5 i have had verry strange occurrences, lost time , come up missing but thinking everyone was crazy because i was just riding my bike, many times i would leave house in the middle of the night and they would find me 1/2-3/4 miles away on a gravel rd. we lived in a two story house and all lights would be on on the first floor when i would come up missing. they could never figure out why my feet were never harmed. i honestly don't know what happond,but these strange occurrences have happond throughout my life , and i'm 50 now. i have talked to my wife about this and she never has herd of anything like it. i experienced things while in the military, camping, riding motorcycle. there are so many instances i really don't wish to expose them all here! i am of sound mind and am not mentally deranged! but what the hell is going on?? this experience still goes on! and there are certain times of day i have learned to just expect it. i have manny questions! i wish to talk to someone who has any knowledge of this kind of experience. if by chance i am seeking guidance in the wrong place i apologize.!! this questionnaire asks for places and times, i answered randomly, the times and durations are far more vast . all my occurances leave me with no memories, but with different physical conditions. i am not going to purposely include fine detail, i am assuming if someone has some knowledge about these experiences,they will have the correct questions.

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Credit: MUFON

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