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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Earlwood, New South Wales on 2018-09-30 18:49:00 - Whilst driving at night i observed a stationary object which looked like a star with flashing sequential lights- on looking at video i took, it appered to spin, change colour, change shape, have objects in front of it and eject small lights.

As i was driving alone at night i observed an illuminated star in the sky above a residential area, which appeared to have rapidly flashing lights below it. it was much brighter than other stars and the lights appeared to be flashing in a pattern. i pulled over and took photos and a video with my iphone 6 because it seemed different to the other stars in the sky. i decided to drive to get a closer look and took more photos. when i arrived home i took my sons to look at the object (i was further away now from it) and one said that the pattern of flashing lights looked like what he described as morse code-that it appeared to be sequentially flashing. we watched the object for some time until it grew brighter then disappeared. when i played back the video and zoomed in, i was shocked to see that the star appeared to be a circular object which was spinning at a rapid speed with lights, colours and shapes quickly appearing across it. it looked like what i would describe as a hologram. when i zoomed in, the object can be seen to be glowing white and then changed rapidly into different colours (green, yellow, violet). there were darker shapes flashing across the star and i took a screen shot of one of the videos, and the object is a grey rectangle in the middle of the star. when i slowed the video, the glowing white object is seen to "bounce" or appears to jump at one point (seen half way through the 53 second video), and then changes shape into a glowing blue egg with light in the middle. i also observed when i slowed the video, that multiple tiny "stars" appear then disappear rapidly around the object just when it turns blue and changes shape. none of this was visible to the naked eye but appears on the video and in the photos. i have no idea what this is.

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Credit: MUFON

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