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Monday, October 22, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Leander, Texas on 2018-10-21 20:30:00 - Object near moon, not seen with naked eye, only on multiple (friends) phones from different parts in town, not seen with night vision

1121 burgess drive my girlfriend and i were sitting outside on our driveway near a fire. i looked up in the sky to notice not only a bright moon, disgustedly i also saw chemtrails. i took my samsung 9 cellphone to take a picture of the chemtrails when i noticed a small bright light next to the moon. it moved with my phones movement, "didn't remain in the same spot on my phone". i put the phone down to view with the naked eye and could not see this object. i aimed my phone again and there was that bright light again. i moved the phone to view with my naked eye... again...Not there. now i am thinking that there was a spot on the lens of the phone. i cleaned the lens and aimed the phone again, and there was that same light. again, keep in mind i could not see this light with my naked eye. at that point my girlfriend exclaims that with her phone's camera, she sees that same light, but not with her eye. i then took a short burst with the movie function with my phone and that light moved erratically. my girlfriend gave me a night vision camera recently as a gift so i am not familiar with the functions it has other than the night vision setting. i could not detect this object with it. i also wanted to mention that at that point, color of the object was not brought up and that i am partially color blind. i then got the idea to call a friend (lets call him sean) who was up the road about a half mile. i explained what i witnessed and he too used his phone to snap 2 pictures of this light. he could not see this light with the naked eye. he texted those pics to me.. 10 minutes later, i called another friend (lets call him jeff) who lived roughly 2 miles away and he witnessed seeing that light as well, "only by use of his phones camera". he texted me his pic of the light. it was then that jeff mentioned that the light was blue. i then approached my girlfriend and asked her what color that light was and she concurred, blue. this light seemed quite distant and we then turned in for evening. elapsed time was approximately one hour, still in the sky when we went inside for the night. we did not feel that this sighting was a threat, just rather weird and unexplainable... why just on our cameras and by multiple people from various distances?

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Credit: MUFON

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