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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Green Cove Springs, Florida on 2018-10-11 21:00:00 - Extremely fast-moving aircraft with red lights on side moving n-s in straight line

my husband and i were standing in our backyard at about 9pm on a mostly clear october evening, the temperature being about 80f/27c, when we both were suddenly drawn to look up at the sky. we both saw, with amazement, what seemed to be an extremely fast-moving aircraft. it went in a straight line, over our house, from north to south with a movement so rapid it was hard to assimilate many details. at the same time, as is common, there were planes in the sky, their flight seeming a snail's pace in comparison. the object was quite low and seemed greatly larger than a plane, with red lights flashing on each side in a regular pattern. i would estimate the elevation to be about 40 degrees. only very few, wispy cumulus clouds were scattered here and there. this object was the whole time -- perhaps 1-2 mins. in plain view in the clear part of the sky. were it not for the size, very broad, and, most of all, it's incredible speed, we would have thought it a plane. it was surely not a drone or meteor, nor a typical plane, given both its size and amazing speed. never had either of us seen any such object, so plainly visible and obviously manufactured, not natural, whisk through the sky that quickly and at so low an altitude. its speed was almost that of a 'shooting star', but completely structured, regular and controlled. it was hard to tell whether there were also white lights on the sides, red being most noticeable. there is no doubt, however, that it was a craft with a front, back and two sides. this object must have flown what from the ground would be the length of a typical city block in 10-15 seconds. in comparison, if we are watching the sky from the same backyard, a typical plane seems to take several minutes just to cross over from one end of the backyard to the other. our yard is a typical florida suburban size, with houses surrounding it. i realize that such perception of the time it takes an object to cross over is related to flight altitude. at the same time no plane or satellite we have ever observed has come anywhere near to the speed of this object! if it is of any importance, hurricane michael hit the florida panhandle yesterday as a category 4 very destructive storm. the only effect on us to the south and east of it were blustery winds which by the evening of the observation had already completely subsided. all we can believe this sighting to have been is either that of an alien craft or a secret? military device capable of moving at such extraordinary speeds.

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Credit: MUFON

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