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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in ENFIELD LONDON, England on 2018-10-22 20:11:00 - Bsighting of a black triangle craft heard high pitched shrill telepathically & many blue orbs in my apartment same high pitched sound &missing time

I wasn't even sure if this was worth reporting because i see a few ufos in this area myself and also from other people who report what they have seen,but considering the stress its caused me and my cats with this incident i want to to see if anyone else saw this craft and orbs that happened within hours of each other monday night and into early morning.I haven't reported officially before but i didn't know where or how too until i looked up this website. it was monday 22nd of october 2018 around 7:20pm, i was at home and i had a strong urge to look out of my window i felt compelled to do so like i was meant to.I have one window in my living room,the window faces north and i was drawn to look to my right hand side which is ne,the evening sky was dark outside yet clear and no clouds were visible in that area. i saw a low black triangle craft with three sets of white lights all of which were not bright but dull as if it was about to dim,(if the lights would of dimmed out more it would of been undetectable, but the already seemed to look slightly cloaked/blended anyway into to its surroundings as if to camouflage itself)i could clearly see the outline of this black triangle very faintly as it was moving slowly against the night sky,and steadily across to my right in a straight path leading towards enfield civic center in north london,the craft at that point it continued flying at a good pace like a double decker bus cruising past so not too fast and not to slow either. the civic building however is roughly ne direction i found out the height of the building is exactly 48.46 m ,so this craft was above the civic but not any higher as it was still relatively low compared to planes i've see pass by in the past. the area itself is comprised of built up housing and commercial area of shops and restaurants,and trees. i have lived here for a while and have observed many planes helicopters,drones,and hot air balloons,and even ufos (which i haven't reported as yet but ive been seeing them all my life since i was 6-7years old and had encounters with beings negative and positive). but this was different because the size of it frightened me,it was unusually huge about the size of a football pitch,it dwarfed the buildings below it, and the enfield civic tall building below it !!!!!Its color was a solid black no shine to the craft,looks smooth like black slate, only three white lights below it fixed onto the underneath of the craft,i saw it from my right hand side so im looking at the craft also from its side head on towards it. before i saw this black triangle let me explain at 7:25pm exactly (i looked at my clock on the wall in my kitchen) i was hearing high pitched sounds which is unusual for me!,because im profoundly deaf in both ears and can not hear anything without my hearing aids,i didn't even wear my hearing aids that night as i turned them off 100% a few hours before bed because i stayed up to continue reading my book, so the sound wasn't my hearing aids as i only heard the shrill high pitched sound telepathically in my head, but not externally like you would expect so,which surprised me,as i had a weird feeling something wasn't right that's the only way i can explain the sound i do not have tinnitus either. i was first aware of the black triangle craft as i mentioned before i felt as if i was compelled very strongly to go to look out the window at that exact time and look in that direction,before i even first saw it i heard a high pitch sound as i was witnessing it flying past,but with no hearing aids in my ears.Whatever frequency it was giving off or whatever did it, made me feel unusually dizzy and upset even crying (im on no medication at all by the way so my first thoughts were what is that outside the window?! and i want that craft to go away as it was affecting me emotionally whatever it is)so naturally i got anxious as when i saw this craft it frightened me like something happened to me that i can't explain as i ended up in tears then felt calm after it had left but shaky,i honestly felt i can't remember anything a few minutes after 7:25pm on wards leading up to 8pm!Because it was exactly at 8pm i saw this craft appear, i was fully aware of what i was seeing. but beforehand the craft was not seen at 7:25pm as i only heard high pitched sound instead, so i realized i may have lost time in between that half an hour not sure exactly how much time lost, leading up to 8pm when i saw the ship glide away from near my home. but i don't remember any other times in between it so i lost time.,because during hearing the high pitched sounds it felt more like it was telepathic noise frequency and it altered my moods,i was okay over an hour before i even heard anything but on feeling its presence before then actually seeing it i felt very dizzy and upset.The black craft carried on heading towards south as it came from north direction,and continued towards ne heading south in a straight path with no maneuvers then i no longer saw it within my sight as i can't see past my rooftop . i stayed up after it not sure how long but and i was then aware it was 2:35am on my clock, i saw little sparkles of blue lights the size of a british 10p coin floating around my living room,even though my living room is dark, only light that was on was my low lit lamp, but just ignored the blue sparkling lights,so i headed off to walk towards my bedroom to get some sleep .I had a strange feeling like someone was in the next room meaning(my living room)it was an odd feeling,as i had just left that room,which is adjacent next to my bedroom and bathroom and hallway. it is impossible as no one has access to my apartment and im living in a high rise apartment with my 3 cats it was only myself there. my cats however also picked up on something being there, usually they sleep a lot but last night they seemed alerted like something is in my flat and they also watched around my bedroom,as i did also something felt off then i noticed as my cats did also looking at the foot of my bed a strong feeling of a presence and then bright electric blue light orbs appeared from no where they just appeared in front of me gathering together almost like a cluster was forming or changing shape but they were not perfectly circular in shape, then they moved independently away from each other,the orbs were the size of a golf balls there were more than one probably approx 3 to 4 no bigger,however one flashed only one of them but it was red/orange and had a bright red circle of light within it?!? then vanished in front of me leaving the other few blue and white orbs to hover but some moved but slowly.I regret having my phone on charge as my phone battery was very low,as i wasn't able to take pictures at that time as i wasn't expecting to. the presence of these orbs felt very overwhelming familiar and i heard the high pitched noise again when they appeared so i didn't think this was a coincidence as both of these incidents i witnessed had the same high pitched shrill sound i heard before that evening so of course i was concerned/ and scared,after that i must of passed out with tiredness as i could not remember anything else at all after seeing the electric blue and white orbs and red orb. on waking up the next day feel scared for some reason my head and body felt more pain than usual i don't have any indication as to why but it felt like i was never asleep i don't have any visible marks on my body only achy body and head like you would if you had the flu except i do not have the flu or anything as such . but today my cats are very unsettled today and acting out of character around me even one hissing :( my cat never hiss at me the other 2 are jumping around up onto high places and threw themselves at my swing bin in the kitchen and all of them have hid away for no reason soon after from me,even found my cupboard door wide open my cats don't open the doors under the sink!!As i keep a small stool to stand on behind it to reach up to my shelf for dried foods etc,so its all weird behavior from my observation,ive had my 3 cats and two of them for 13years and the other 6years all are healthy,but i know they are not themselves after what happened last night plus i don't feel so settled either myself it seems something isn't right. can someone please let me know whats happening or what to do as i feel its going to happen again can't explain why but its a feeling only because of when ive witnessed different types of ufos/crafts before,i've heard the high pitched sounds, but i've never felt anything quite like this,as this one felt odd plus my wall clock in the kitchen stopped at 8pm!When i woke this morning.I just don't want to see it again!!

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Credit: MUFON

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