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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Columbia, South Carolina on 2018-01-09 16:32:00 - All all i can say is i got it on video several times so if you want to come see the video i would be happy to show it to you it will amaze you as it did me

Or that day i met up with some friends and they took me down to 2 notch rd. in order to give me saw her at that time i had gotten hungry want to go to taco bell so we stopped in a parking lot behind the taco bell on tonight road and i got out to stretch and when i did i looked up in the sky and it seem like it was a big flock of seagulls maneuvering or just doing their little flight pattern but as i was in a kit paint if you were looking at i realize that they were not birds borough of some type of shape and they were coming in and out of focus so it’s in my head like transparency to him i also like it was ait also had a mean so many of these things pulsating like they seem to be pulsating in and out like so far away and coming in a faraway maybe like marking a flock of seagulls it seem like they would look like a flock of seagulls so from a distance i don’t think anybody would even notice him or pay intention but as i started looking everything up but my phone out and start videotaping so there’s evidence i mean his peers day then i was probably looking into the sky in about 4550° from where i was standing there seem to be liking north east and maybe it was north but as i looked at them theythen then they reappeared and then vanished again so i got in the truck and he can hear me saying whatever the hell it was i got a video tape hug i start feeling weird saw a foster feel like my eyes are really heavy and i got into the truck and my friend steve and this girl asked me what i was looking at or what i was talking about and i told him i don’t know until i just saw but i think i just saw barbara no but i got on video tape so i showed him where they were kind stupefied house i got hungry so i told my buddy steve go grab some taco bell we went to taco bell dirty water again and it was a bit like they’re aboutit seem like they were a little bit higher than treetop level but it was hard to tail and then you see the video it’s plain as day but i still don’t know what those things were and then these jets for scrambled and you can hear them coming from a nearby base course all air force base but up way up high in the sky i mean above or clown stratosphere if it is that is that if this were world supposed to use but never seen a complaint about her in there contrails are really super super long and these things are way up there they should’ve been moved a lot slower so that’s about all i got i’m in broad daylight video proofwhat else do you want i wanna get the hell out of the state is what i will do it if you help me do that i would appreciate it thanks so much please contact me if you need anymore information you want me to send these videos to you but i rather you come and get them yourself thank you i was also born 1977 of june 15

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Credit: MUFON

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