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Saturday, October 13, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Shreveport, Louisiana on 2018-02-21 02:12:00 - Half-way in physcality met a group of essassani

Awesome stuff guys! yea i actaully met the essassani last night on my street i even heard footsteps felt there energy, talked telepathicly and whatnot i even saw leaves move behind me when i turned around halfway! i even with my higher awareness partially saw several beings teleport around me was only a couple. lol at one point i even took my underwear off cause i was hot . it was like 70f 2-20-018 . shreveport ,louisiana. was really amasing! i sat there in my yard most of the time kinda of trying 2 comfort myself and not drop into a lower vibrational fear state as best as i could. i kept doing a postive affirmation about myself and them. really we are all one with the infinte creatoion though. was really fucking amasing! as ive never had a contact that deep before until now ! i kept chanting they are beautiful and amasing so am i or something like that basically.. the image i included is basically what it looked like at night id seen this several times during the day off and on before and mostly after this.. and took some photos of some really wild looking clouds from feburary to april... ive also met the acturians to mostly in a mediative state later in the year. i have photos and video of there massive cirulcar ships or spheres or holograms. but u know with a large craft u dont always have just one so called race on board as we are all one and its fun to have over guests from other civlizations to. note- on the esssassani i didnt ever actually physically see them just sensed there presence and felt them teleporting all over my street and at one point 2~3 stopped in my front yard and i saw leaves move in the shape of humanoiad perfect shaped footprints about 2 or 3 steps then poof it stopped. the moment it started to werid me out. ive been telepathicly talking with the essassani off and on for couple years now i also do some automatic writing from them and other beings. i can verbally channel do although anyone can do anything and its not fake if u can literally when ur ready of course physicall meet the beings! u can also in dreamspace which is great way /mediation to get accustomedto such parts of ourselves again. the picture i included for what they look like wat i intutuively get they roughly look like or something fairly similar to what bashar channeled threw darryl ankar says they look like. i feel the one's i met looked slighlt more of a blueish hue then the one's in the picture mightbe the aura color im mostly seeing with my 3rd eye or and there astral verison. overlaid with there quasi-physical body. they say they can change there skin color. its actually quite easy! ships- never saw them fully physically just huge trinagular shapes in the clouds like that picture but they would change size and appear and vanish and teleport also. number of entities id guess around 14~15. also what my intuitive sense says & them. lest that teleported down more of us where up on the ships. we can teleport to ur world without ships at all though fun stuff~!

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Credit: MUFON

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