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Tuesday, October 2, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Manchester, Maryland on 2018-10-01 22:40:00 - Multiple star-like celestial bodies observed interacting with an unidentified flying object with three lights hovering in sky for more than thirty minutes in maryland october 1, 2018

I live at a higher elevation than most in this area of maryland north/northwest of baltimore, with unobstructed south/southwestern, western and west/northwest views. what i saw was from my home, looking out west-facing window at approximately 9:50pm est 10/1/2018. it had been a relatively clear day, about a week after the last full moon, and i looked out to see how well i could see the familiar stars in the atmosphere without cloud-cover. i observed a star/celestial body directly above me, about 70-75 degrees from western horizon, where it usually is, but its light was different than normal. usually it glows/flashes red/white in synchronous light, but now it was brightly illuminated red in a flash and then on/off pulsating to darkness at about 1/2 second intervals of darkness to red flash. it was also moving erratically within a small radius of what one would imagine to be its place of center. normally i see this star there if the evening is clear, but i had never seen it exhibit light in such a fashion. i went to grab iphone (camera), and returned to the window, about three seconds later, and the pulsating light that i thought of as a star had moved way off from above me due westward toward the horizon line. i could still see it lower in the sky, and it was still flashing off then on. so in the space of about 3 seconds at most, it had crossed a good 30% of the sky i could see. then, gone. as well, the companion star to it, always a larger, yellowish pulsating one seen at about 80' from the horizon w/sw, had been out (about 9:30pm, some twenty minutes earlier), but when i noticed the one described above was flashing, it was missing from its place. feelings, reactions and actions: my ears were each ringing with a high-pitched frequency. i did not feel emotions of fear, or sense telepathic communication. the power in the house remained constant. i was not experiencing any adrenaline reaction (fight or flight). i felt that i knew what i was seeing, and that i needed to watch it, and document, to share the information with others. i went to my computer to record what i had seen, and returned at 10:25pm to see that the 'missing' closer, larger star i am accustumed to seeing was in the place it usually is. there were now three stars off to the western horizon, two lower, rather close to each other, one is the flashing red one, with the same intervals of flashing red to darkness. i would describe their three positions as one at the clock hour 6, one at 7 with a spacing similar to the 12 hours on the clock, and the third one at about the 1 hour, but outside the spatial reference of clockface by another 50% total distance from where 1 would be. so the third is a good 150% further away than the two are in their proximity to each other. i was alone without a witness, and my iphone camera would not capture it. the three i watched looked exactly as if the lower two (at 6 and 7) were firing at each other, with flashes, and the one at 7 being moved to the east by a degree or so with every emission of light from the one at the 6 mark. the upper one (at 1) seemed to be watching, and it moved back and forth in place. at the same time, the star i referred to as a companion, closer to me, was holding place where it was. and then, directly west at about 70' up from the horizon, and basically outside and above the window i was looking out of, i observed a hovering craft, with three lights which lit alternately. the center light was red, and the outside lights were greenish-white and faded to black. they seemed receded in space, and i could make out a dim suggestion of a triangular or cigar shape. my intuition says triangular. i had carried my phone with me back to the computer, and hurried to get it, making a note on the file i was documenting all of this on. within a moment i was back atthe window, and the lit object, not to be confused with the star, had moved up much higher into the sky, and seemed to be interacting with a few more "stars" that were now there, so all in all i last saw five stars and this craft - six illuminated or lit, flashing objects in total - and wondered if i was seeing a fleet. at 12:10am 10/2, i could not see these stars/objects, as the atmosphere above began to become homogeneously misty/foggy from above, descending down, so i ceased observation and made these notes. it is now 6am october 2, 2018, 8-1/2 hours after the beginning of this event, and despite yesterday being clear until long past sunset, today is very foggy, but the fog is not rising from the ground, and there has been no precipitation. i am unaware at the time of this writing if anyone else has reported witnessing something related to what i did. note please that "also in area" below, "other" refers to the "interval-flashing red 'star'" /other 'stars'/celestial bodies, which preceded my seeing this ufo, then remained present until i could no longer see it, as described above.

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Credit: MUFON

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