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Saturday, October 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in El Centenario, Baja California Sur on 2018-10-20 06:35:00 - Three orbs overhead 2 on same path,1 on 90 degree path away from other 2

At 6:35am on oct. 20,2018 i was looking for orionid meteors, from my open bedroom window, in the sky above my house in el centenario,which is a suburb of la paz,bcs,mexico,and is out in the desert. i was looking at a constellation which i think was scorpius but am not certain. i was facing towards the pacific side of the baja peninsula with my back to the bay of la paz. i was looking almost straight up from the ground and saw 3 stars in an almost straight line when i saw an object that seemed to appear from either the furthest south star or the middle star. i can't remember which because this happened so fast.The first object headed in more of an easterly direction towards the mexico mainland and possibly towards the monterrey,mexico region. about 1 or 2 minutes later there was an object that appeared from the same area as the first object but it headed in a more north-easterly direction towards possibly tucson or phoenix,arizona. about 1 minute,more or less, after that the 3rd object appeared from the same spot in the sky and followed the 2nd object almost,if not exactly,in the exact same direction. i continued to watch that area of the sky but the sun was beginning to brighten the sky and i decided to give up watching. i am not sure what shape the objects were as they could have been satellites or jets but they moved faster than any jets i've ever seen here in mexico. they did not seem to deviate from their paths but i'm sure they moved through the sky faster than a visible satellite would move and also faster than a jet. i think the altitude could be as high as a commercial jet could fly but lower than a satellite. the oddest thing was seeing 3 different objects emanating from almost the exact same part of the sky yet 1 went one direction and the other 2 went another direction. they also all appeared within 3 minutes of each other. it seems odd to me that 2 jetliners would be following the same path almost 1 minute apart from each other. san jose del cabo [sjd airport] in the cabo san lucas area is about 100+ miles from my house in la paz and the only flights leaving from sjd airport were all going to mexico city this morning at 6am local time. mexico city is southeast of cabo which is opposite of the direction the objects were moving. they all flew over the roof of my house but i heard nothing. the lapaz airport is only a 10 minute drive from my house but these objects were too high in the sky to have been arriving or departing from there.

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Credit: MUFON

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