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Wednesday, October 31, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Los Angeles, California on 2018-08-14 19:27:00 - Rock ,orb like vehicle traveling fast upon water

I also forgot to mention to proof that this all happened. do the caculations on my birthday and my family names. genova,jinniffer,ronnald,ryan,santiana,nydia,nyle. these aliens held me by telekinesis and told me how special my bloodline and how its actually in alignment with the star charts for the year of aquarius right now. there was a message in our bloodlines names and birthday. we were geographically reincarnated. into a line , it's called sherman. like eventhough we live in corruption nature still found away and it's almost being born in a lotto family but in the real world those are just our names. but the aliens said we showed up in the stars that's how they found me because my name was the light along with my brother and father (father's name is ronnald too.) and my star name is orishaschinron. which means god's circleing fire. jesusgod. orsis-chin-ron. god-chi(the light thats in all)(as in spirit) ron (a full circle) (levitation) (acceleration) like the return of heru. but the alien concil and i agreed that i wasn't or any of my family is the return of jesus christ were just a message in the stars that says all together...... that life must go on... it says the key to my sun , is running water. and my grandmother is genova which means the whole thing and my mother is jinn which means chi. and there prefixes are (genuine) and the aliens said in the past life these two were litigators that made sure alien contact first encounters went smoothly by applying a geniune approach rather than any other. and the prefixes in our men's nam means fire , acceleration, light. and we kept order only by being the light because the sun , the son was designed to love everything that his mother ,mother nature made. by design that's why he is biologically the light. the man. so i hope i didn't leave anything else out but if you can report this to the authorizaties after you look up my birthday as proof to the stars that i am who i am. that's what the aliens want the government to do. they also said that they'll never move forward intill they put their wemon back in charge. they also told me that chevron is actually an intergalactic term for chi-moving astra-light.

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Credit: MUFON

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