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Wednesday, October 3, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Vancouver, British Columbia on 2018-09-23 18:37:00 - A pair of two white lights high in the sky; motionless, unless they were ascending up/away from my vantage point/perspective; blinks/pulses

At approximately 6:37 p.M., sunday, september 23rd, i was outside my home waiting for family to arrive to go out for supper. i heard crows calling from a southerly direction, looked up and watched as a few crows flew overhead in a northerly direction. the crows flew directly between myself and two white lights high in the sky, which is how i noticed them. (in video i have included, another group of crows a couple minutes later did the same.) if not for the crows, i probably wouldn’t have seen these lights — i hadn’t been staring up toward the sky previously.) my initial observation: there are two lights — together. that’s unordinary. (i believe in extraterrestrial ufos (rare). i also regularly see airplanes, helicopters, etc. in the area, so i instantly thought these lights were unusual.) i watched for approximately half a minute then started to record with my phone’s camera. (while the camera is decent, it is dated — iphone 5s from 2013. the single lens also is not designed for objects far away.) the lights appeared to be stationary; motionless, though they could have been ascending up/away from my vantage point/perspective because, right before leaving from my home with family, the lights were slightly more difficult to see. the two white lights were not doing anything else that i could see, save for blinking/pulsating randomly. i have no clue how high in the sky these lights truly were, but i would say that they were way up there and much higher than helicopters and drones. i feel that i may have witnessed genuine non-man-made ufos. of course, there could be an earthly explanation for these. those who have access to radar information, for example, possibly would have more definitive answers. i lost sight of the two lights once i left with family in their car. the total sighting duration was only a few minutes. included video is self-explanatory, but a few notes. at the start, you hear an airplane. that plane is seen at the bottom-left of screen during the first few seconds. the plane was flying west-to-east. the two white lights are in center of screen. i have slightly enhanced the included video in final cut pro x. i added sharpness and reduced exposure for the mids and highs, so the lights are better visible. without these slight enhancements, the lights are clearly visible nonetheless. i have that original file if requested. i also increased these reductions at approximately 1:14 and 1:25. because while filming, i tried to select the focus or reduce exposure in-camera, but by mistake increased the exposure brightness significantly. so the increased reductions were to try to counteract that. attached files 1. video of ufos (1920 x 1080) 2. screen capture - highlighting airplane and ufos 3. screen capture - bright blink/pulse by top ufo 4. screen capture - final cut pro x exposure

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Credit: MUFON

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