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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Emmaus, Pennsylvania on 2018-08-12 00:00:00 - Security camera in basement suddenly picked up a fleet of "orbs."

I finally completed my move over the weekend and had a few moments to take care of filing this report. i've already shown the video to three of your investigators and they've stated that they've never seen anything like it. in the end i was told to file this report before continuing. the security camera in the basement had been down there for approximately 4 or 5 months, and then one night it detects motion and begins recording something inexplicable: an entire fleet of "orbs" just appears out of nowhere, flying as if under they're own power from the right field of view of the camera all the way across to the left. whatever they are, they are not bugs, and they are not dust. the video itself confirms this in several ways. first, in the background there's a group of three, two next to each other and one behind. they fly across the entire screen without the slightest deviation from one another. no bugs can possibly fly like that. second, this happened in a basement in the middle of the night. i am unaware of bugs just suddenly appearing out of the blue inside a basement and then flying in fleet formation, going perfectly straight across the entire field of view of the camera. third, there are a group of four, also in the background after the first group. imagine you're in a sports car and you're in the left lane passing two cars on your right, and then coming up to a truck in front of you. that's exactly what happens. in this particular group, although there are others, you can clearly see this "orb" passing the other two on the right and well in the process of overtaking the one in front of it before they disappear off screen. they are right next to each other, so there's no way this is dust being pushed by some mass airflow because if it were they'd all be going the same speed, plus losing altitude because dust particles that big don't just continue flying by like they're under their own power. these things do not lose altitude in the least. at the time of this incident i never even knew anything like this existed, so i began researching online, and that's when i found the term "orbs." but before that, while investigating the video and analyzing these things frame by frame, i was astounded to find faces. i couldn't believe it. and not just one or two or three faces....So far i have found approximately 50! i would say it's just coincidence if a few of them looked like faces, but that many? not a chance in hades. i began taking screenshots and naming them as well. they either look human, humanoid, reptilian, or downright alien...But they are faces and that cannot be denied. i have one i call wyatt earp. when you zoom in he just appears, and you know, it definitely has the look of a man back in the 1800's. others are just as incredible, and there is absolutely no way that these are just tricks of light. no way. this is undeniable, in every respect of the word. once i started discovering them, that's when i went online and started researching. at first i found no mention of faces, but did find that they can travel through objects, just like these did. i forgot to mention above that they came right through a locked wooden door with a set of closed and locked bilco doors behind that, and a solid concrete wall. when i zoomed in on the windows in the door, i could clearly see them on the other side coming straight for it, and then appearing on the inside of the door leaving a brief swash of light on the wood surface. i also have screenshots of two of them looking at specific objects before passing underneath. one is looking at the i-beam, another at the light fixture, so clearly they can see these objects but we can't see them without infrared. at first when i started researching i thought the faces were unknown, until i found a site that stated that others have seen them too. i don't know what these things are, but i have multiple videos including a new one from last night. also dozens of images. and by the way, while analyzing that footage frame by frame, i caught one that looks exactly like leonard nimoy. i shit you not. i was actually considering sending it to william shatner. (lol) also forgot to mention one more thing. i caught what appears to be the ghost of a little boy in one of the screenshots at the previous house. i didn't even notice him until i happened to catch him out of the corner of my eye when i went to put the phone down, which was weird...Like he wanted to be seen. it is definitely a little boy, and he only appears in one single camera frame. he's amazing...Just as amazing as the the video footage and images themselves. thank you for your time. as per the terms below, i will not be submitting anything to this website. all videos, images, and sound files are my exclusive copyright and though i do want people to see these things, i would prefer they see them on television and not taken lightly or as some hoax on you tube. these are real. this is not bs. every video and image i have can be verified as authentic and unmodified. hell, if it didn't happen in my own basement and i saw it on you tube i wouldn't believe it, so why would anyone else. this is paranormal tv level stuff!

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Credit: MUFON

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