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Sunday, October 28, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Monroe Township, New Jersey on 2014-10-07 00:00:00 - Metaphysical 100% life changing ufo experience

I was watching tv it had just turned oct 7th my sisters birthday, when i felt an extreme "telepathic like" urge to get up off the couch and go outside onto the 1st floor balcony. it felt like a driving metaphysical mind force that drew me outside. when i had looked up to the south east, it appeared as if there was a plane downing in the farm field. i imminently felt obligated to scream inside for my mother to show her what was going on. however, it was 12:36 am and my mother is a light sleeper but was absolutely passed out in bed regardless of my erratic voice calling to her that night! i had then ran back to the deck which seemed like 5 seconds only to find 2 brilliant extremely bright lights cloaking a gigantic object in the sky. at this point i had slouched my body downward and raised my left hand to block the cloaking light, only to realize that within the confines of the lighting had been a gigantic triangular craft 40yrdx40yrdx40yrd about 75 -150 ft max above me (75ft almost sure) at a 60 degree viewing angle. the craft was of absolute silence a step on a leaf would have been 100x louder, and its divine ability of immobility as it observed me for what had seemed to be 5 minutes but could have been hours. i drew a sketch showing the different lights front: made of 2 blinding (cloaking lights) 3 separate other lights green red green-white randomly flashing around the craft! the center of the triangle was circular of a power force looking light of greenish orange! just as a note the craft was viewed at such a low altitude that i can see it had a pitch of a 45 degree to the top of the triangle which could not have been higher than 4ft inside! the bottom of the craft was made of a metallic alloy of unknown origin! it had been a grayish black that was ultra smooth looking, the 45 degree pitch on the sides going to the roof had appeared as almost old school roof-top shingles of an alloy, with what could have looked like a circuitry board wrapping around the entire circumference underneath the sides of shingle roof-top rippled alloy! this sighting was of a personal visitation, it had occurred in a 55+ community in the middle of a great field and has absolutely no reason to be as low as it was along with being the most complexes silent none moving amazement. when it had finally left it moved from a completely stagnant position to a slow non earthly drag crossing right over the trees without a whisper! after the event occurred all i remember is waking up on the couch with spew as i will call it coming out of my mouth! for the next 7 months i would be subject to an array of powerful, divine, intriguing addiction of different dimensional dream states each night, every night! most dreams i was surviving on other planets as if i were being put through an extreme amount of tests< obstacles< higher knowledge..Were after a while the dream state started to become frightening< disturbing<strange...Also noted during these months was numerous other sightings of these crafts in the sky, none as low or even closely as viewable, but the admittance of a vibration sound that could be described as a wonn... wonn.... wonn.... wonn.... wonn.... wonn.... that would have a psychological impact into my ever nights dream state. once i had awoken from a dream and all i heard was an intense vibration sound directed right into my ear reoccurring i had not moved and stayed completely still for 20 minutes, just my eyes were open. after waiting 20 mins i decided to move my body and the noise immediately left my ear drum and my refrigerator banged loud and the power flickered like a lightning storm....When the weather was perfectly fine! ever since the visitation i have tapped into innate abilities and abilities of traveling dimensional in my dream state. i know things i shouldn't. i am an absolute believer in everything that i was once reserved to say. i was born on the wow signal exact day year and time and on holy mary's assumption to heaven! there is a greater significance to what we understand and the minds abilities to open up new ways of thinking. capabilities to see the light of new ways of a lost way! it has been 4 years and i am able to channel new innate abilities that once would have been a bed time story is now infinite in possibilities of knowing the unknown!

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Credit: MUFON

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