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Tuesday, October 30, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Midwest City, Oklahoma on 2018-10-30 19:25:00 - I live near tinker airport. this was not a toy drone. i watch the sky. ufo.

while sitting on the porch watching the sky i noticed a green light that came from nowhere and then rose and dropped below the telephone wires so i knew it wasn't traveling in a straight direction it was moving up and down in relation to ground to sky it was bright and then it became damn but didn't move directly to the right and left and i knew right away this isn't something normal as i watch the skies i said my back porch and i see planes jets and i'll kinds of airport traffic all the time this was out of the ordinary it's not a helicopter that was doing a medical run or an interstate rack there a helicopter it be required to do these i don't mind on me that this could be a identified flying object i've seen one before i drove truck for 10 years and so many lights in the sky but this is my second best siding and this was a greenlight it she seem to change from white to green but then again it's the blues and reds which is call man during focusing in of your eyes at night but there's this went straight up straight down right left and it went from a size of abb to the size of a speck of grain of salt and then return to the size of baby this particular motion took 10 to 15 seconds but i don't know if it really went anywhere as far as coming back to return to its original spot at the point yet again kind of drifted in and out of focus using the same fell cell phone i have now i tried to take pictures of it did not come out as illegal as black screen i think it's important to hear that i say that i'm not typing this and i'm recording it off his cell phone so the spelling of dictation will be all over the board letter it wasn't a jacket it was in a helicopter it was in a store or any of the things that people claim they are this moved by it self under directions i first i thought it was a drone because it seem to come up from behind the trees and that means a quarter-mile away and of it this point i'm going to dictation i don't think the typing is coming out as i'm speaking it's not a big deal there's no evidence here no physical photographic go evidence but if you liked more detail you call me at that number at anytime and i want you guys to know it's for real and i know you know that so take care give me a buzz if you need me wish i gets pictures.

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Credit: MUFON

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