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Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Quinte West, Ontario on 1988-06-10 00:00:00 - Large,silent dark object.

At about 11 p.M.In the summer of 1988 my wife and i,and our two children were in our vehicle travelling on hignway#14,just north of stirling ont.It was a clear,very dark night,no moon at all,but a starlit sky.I first noticed that,as dark as the night was,something was above the vehicle,blocking out what little light there was.I looked up and there was a large,black craft,almost stationary,barely moving,hovering above the vehicle.I asked my wife if she saw what i was seeing.She also saw it.I would note here that we both had a very ominous feeling throughout the entire experience,a feeling of dread,difficult to rationalize.I turned the vehicle engine off and we watched the craft from inside the vehicle,too afraid to get out.The craft was extremely dark,i would say black.There were no lights whatsoever on the outside of the craft and no indication of any windows or light from the interior.Throughout this event,the craft made no noise of any kind.On the exterior of the craft,several ladder-like objects were visible from what little starlight was available.My wife thought tnat they resembled extension ladders and i can only describe them as resembling sections of a crane.These were verticle on the craft.Also evident were objects running more horizontally on the craft's exterior,that i can only describe as resembling eavestroughs or down-pipes as would be on a house.The craft itself was completely silent throughout the event and it appeared almost archaic in appearance.By that,i can only liken it to something out of the original mad max movies.This thing did not look aerodynamic whatsoever and should not have flown.It was about 150 ft long and 50 or 60 ft high.We never saw the underside as it was so low,you could not.We had the impression that it was composed of three or four stories from its shaped and the aforementioned exterior objects.After hovering almost motionless for a few minutes,it then proceeded to slowly fly east,so low that we felt that it barely cleared the treetops.It seemed to be following a set of older power lines east,until it gradually went out of sight.It is difficult to describe the shape of the craft as we never got a good look at the underside.I gave the dimensions earlier and cannot recall any definite edges to define the exterior of the craft.I went to a farmer who lived in the area,sometime later and learned that he had never personally seen anything similar.My wife and i have only shared this event with two family members and a close friend in the 30 years since,but i finally decided to report this for whatever benefit it may have.Neither of us have ever seen anything like this since or any reports of a craft similar to it.Apart from the mad max reference earlier,we both had the impression that it was a repair craft of some kind.It was so archaic looking and looked like it should not have even left the ground.I would also note that trenton air force base is approximately 6 miles south-west of our sighting.We some time later learned that our nine yr. old son had seen the craft also.We had thought that both of our children had been asleep.

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Credit: MUFON

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