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Saturday, October 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Dalgety Bay, Scotland on 2018-10-15 20:00:00 - Object travelling - caught on camcorder

I had left my camcorder recording outside my front door on a tripod and when i checked it later, there was a definite object travelling from left to right on the screen. i was inside the property during this event. i took the camera in and streamed the results. (which were fantastic to say the least!) when i saw the object, after streaming onto my tv via pc, i believe it to be either a top secret craft made by us or reversed engineered by us or not from here (and i don't mean scotland!) on the screen it was travelling quickly from left to right on my camera as i was facing west, (geographically south to north direction of travel) two lights entered from the left and travelled to the right. it was apparent that these two lights were part of the same structure. the front lower light (lime green) when entering on camera emitted (which can only be described as a emp pulse or re-entry/exit pulse or cloaking pulse/gravitational pulse). a pulse of energy, which on the camera without using software came as a bright like-magnesium glow. upon using software later it became apparent the undeniable event of this pulse. this is something i have confirmed using vsdc software and various colour attribtions and facilities on that software. i have taken screen shots of some of them. the second light is set back and higher up on the craft. it was a pinkish colour. the camera i used is a full spectrum panasonic so i am unsure if a normal camera may well have picked it out? no sound on my camera mic. (one thing to note is that small yellow parts can be observed in both the front and upper light sections. this appears to part of the process during & following the pulse). stills confirm this. i knew straight away that this was something extraordinary. i ran the software through several ways including negative/heat/polarize and about 20 other ways etc and cut the speed by 80% and there is a burst of what only can be energy. it also shows a disruption of particles. in my non-professional opinion, this is a craft which shows a structure much akin to a triangle/circular. this is my 2nd ufo sighting within 30 hrs. as i said in my previous report, i am ex-forces so i am not easily shocked and i am trained to be observant. i am rather happy! the object was on my screen for approx 1-2 seconds. i am over the moon to have captured this as i believe it is a 'once in lifetime' event in capturing what i captured and the quality of evidence. as i said in my last report, i am having problems uploading to you. i have a lot of evidence which i will try to send to your hq. i may have to send as a dropbox link due to the size of files. i would appreciated a local area representative to visit if possible?

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Credit: MUFON

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