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Wednesday, October 17, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Christmas Valley, Oregon on 2018-10-14 00:00:00 - 1 massive ufo shot straight down then hovered then 2 smaller ones on each side of the larger one appeared

I live in central oregon outside a small town so it is a great place to check out the sky at night, i went outside to check out the stars and play with my dogs, when i was drawn to a certain area of the sky that is when i say what looked like a falling star but it was much faster and it didn't streak across the sky but came down vertically but stopped at about 12 to 15 deg above the horizon, then 2 smaller orb like craft just appeared one on each side, i thought to myself "wow" cool ufo's and thought to myself give me a sign your real and at that point a white beam shot out of the large star like center ship, at that point i started to get a bit anxious and not really like myself that is when one of the beings inside made telepathic contact, it was a very intense "frightening" experience, i couldn't move even though i wanted to, it is very hard to describe what it was like almost like a daydream but far more intense, i saw 3 different types of reptilian beings, and was told given information through telepathy. they seeded this galaxy with life, they are responsible for the rh neg bloodlines, they are at war with another race which has taken over and have influenced the development of this planet. there is more to it than this but i do not feel comfortable saying anything more. this went on for i know how crazy this sounds, i am having a difficult time dealing with what i experienced, not seeing ufo's but the telepathic contact was very unsettling, after i was able to move i went inside my home and could still feel there presence, and connection, i got the feeling that these beings are ancient, honorable, orderly, peaceful yet they do not tolerate any type of deception. once again i know how crazy this sounds, but it is the truth...... anyone else out there experience anything like this?

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Credit: MUFON

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