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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Kalamazoo, Michigan on 2018-10-04 21:30:00 - Total of 8 orbs observed. the one that flew closest shifted into three large orbs in triangle formation with a red orb following

The evening of october 4, 2018 was a very clear night. we witnessed a star-like orb in the western sky from our house windows. after turning off all the house lights we watched as it appeared that the 'star' was setting in the west. it glowed more like a planet than a star. but when we viewed it with binoculars it was emitting a kaleidoscope of colors! we were presuming that it was saturn but the strange thing about it was that as we watched it would wobble and then move quickly to the north about a pinky finger's width and back again to the original spot. it also moved at times up and down. then we began seeing very bright white pin-point streaks of light shooting out and back toward the orb. this was around 9:30 pm on october 4, 2018. we jumped into the van and headed west on d avenue toward timber ridge ski area. we continued to see this light but as we drove through kendall, mi we lost track of it completely. we turned around and headed back. as we headed east on d ave again and headed down over the ridge we could again see the light above the ridge but now we saw more of the lights. we turned down a road that leads to mentha and parked near the kal-haven trail. we saw about 4 of the lights now. still the original one in the west above the ridge which appeared to be about 100 feet above the trees. it is very difficult to judge distance in the dark. then we saw two more along the ridge but farther north. then another one came up from the tree line but farther to the south. these lights moved sporadically: quickly move in one direction then suddenly stop, hover, move up/down or side to side, then move on. we watched for a very long time. we also noticed 2 more of these lights far to our east. two more lights came into view from the southwest horizon. one of them moved sporadically closer and passed the main middle light above the ridge. when the lights were hovering we would witness bright white specks of light streak to and from and around the orbs. after the one orb passed the main one we were watching the main orb began to move eastward, closer to us. this orb is the one that is in our video. as it came closer it appeared to change shape; we could see that the orb was not one light but three balls of light with a smaller ball of red light in the back. there was also a smaller green light and white light that flashed sporadically. the balls of light took on more of a formation of the layout of airplane lights... but as you can see in the video the lights are not laid out like normal airline lights. none of the lights of this entity looked attached to each other. nor could we see any solid material linking the lights together (like the fuselage of a plane). as it passed over the road we were on, my daughter was creeped out and stopped video taping as we were parked along a desolate road and we didn't know what it might do. we had our windows open and there was no sound from it as it flew overhead. i am guesstimating that it was about 1000 feet above the ground. as it continued east it abruptly turned south. as it was clearly flying away from us the lights were still just as bright. when an airplane turns the 'headlights' on the plane face forward and are no longer as bright as when it is flying toward you. the three balls of light on this entity shine all the way around. it flew south about a mile then abruptly turned east again. we watched it as we headed toward home (east). about two miles east it turned again - but to the northeast. when we came to a t in the road we were on we sat and watched as it continued to fly northeast and out of view. this activity lasted for nearly two hours!

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Credit: MUFON

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