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Tuesday, October 23, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Deep River, Ontario on 2018-10-20 20:15:00 - Was observed almost straight up from my house a black triangle hovered for the entire sighting until clouds covered it

My daughter and myself went out side our house for a smoke at about 8:15 pm (deep river on) and i looked up in the sky like i normally do and noticed 3 lights that would not be normally there. i asked my daughter to have a look and she agreed with me that the lights were there and were stationary. we talked about it and how the stars behind were further away then the object. i then asked my daughter to get her mom, who came out right away. at this time i grabbed my camera and attempted to film the object which failed due to the clouds coming in and blocking the view . the entire sighting lasted about 3 min's, the best view was about a min and a half. my daughter and i got the best view, my wife was only able to make out the lights through the intermittent cloud cover until it clouded over completely. the object itself was a black triangle with 3 lights one at each corner. the light's were brighter then the background stars by a factor of two. the object would have covered a basket ball held at arm's length and looked like a equal lateral triangle, it appeared to be around 5,000 ft ( i'm ex military) based on experience and the size ratio to the basket ball and appeared to be facing east. there was no sound which rules out a b-2 bomber. we could just see, i mean just see the outline. during the whole sighting, the object did not move from it's position. i tried the next day to confirm that they were no stars in that position but it was still cloudy. i did confirm on the 22 oct 2018 that there were no stars in that position with same intensity in the sky at that time. i am trying to enhance the film that i was able to take, if it works i will upload the film later.

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Credit: MUFON

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