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Friday, October 12, 2018

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UFO Sighting in The Villages, Florida on 2018-09-29 03:00:00 - It was an alien encounter in my home (i think)

I woke up around 8 am and did all my usual chores, made coffee,got the paper and made breakfast.Felt great , first day i woke up with no headache. i went to the shower and as soon as the water hit my skin spots on my body started burning. then it all came rushing to me what had taken place. my first reaction was trembling and sobbing uncontrollably.My wife was at the bathroom sink and ran to me in the shower. she thought i had hurt myself. then i told her that i was visited sometime during the night by a very tall being with no features that i could see because of the blinding light. he was standing in front of me and on each side were two smaller beings that i could not see because when i turned my head they moved it without touching me. they were putting what looked like a half of golf ball size to my side, it had wires or coils hanging from it. they wouldn't let me look down. the tall bright one keep telling me by mind control "that it is okay, everything will be alright. you will remember or do you remember. then my head was moved down to look at a scene i remember when i was 16 years old. i'm now 76. the scene was one of a place i used to go fishing when i was 16 at keystone state park in pa.I could see the water ripplimg and blades of grass right in front of me. for years i told everyone back then that i was fishing and must have fallen asleep as i woke up clear on the other side of the park. i remember walking back to my fishing spot and all my gear was there. it's puzzeled me for years. when i was in my 50's i had to have an x ray of my hand and the doctor enquired to what was the thin piece of metal or whatever was in my finger. since there was no scar he shrugged it off. well now back to my tall stranger and two smaller ones. they had put something on my side and at the same time they were doing something to the same finger the dr. had seen something in.To make it short i have pictures of the marks from my side and pictures of the scars on my finger. if we could talk it would make more scence. this is a true happening!!! i still break down and start crying for no reason.

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Credit: MUFON

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