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Thursday, November 1, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Baywood-Los Osos, California on 2018-10-31 19:25:00 - Appeared triangular due to extremely bright, pulsing lights - two red to red-orange top horizontally and one blue down below at a middle point

It was night time around 7:25 pm pt on 10-31-18. my dining room window blinds were open and i was preparing my evening meal in my kitchen adjacent to my dining room space. i can see directly out the window from the kitchen. something moving in the night sky caught my attention. i looked up and saw 2 very bright red to red-orange lights and a bright blue light moving about in the sky which i estimate to be 1-2 miles north to northwest of my apartment, which would be over the ocean. the placement of the lights made the object appear triangular, with the two red to red-orange lights horizontally across and the one blue light vertically down between the top lights. i automatically knew that it was not a helicopter or airplane because of it's movements. as i write this, the word hummingbird comes to mind. it hovered, swayed, danced, and dipped from my right to left, would suddenly drop and go straight back up again. i believed it turned on it's side in the dark because i saw the triangular light configuration change to seeing only one red light and the blue light a couple of times, and it just as quickly straightened itself back. the lights were not tiny or pinpoint. they were big, round and extremely bright and seemed to pulsate. i cannot imagine anyone missing this if they were looking in the sky in the direction i was gazing. i opened my front door and stood on the outside entrance to watch this more closely. i also wondered at this time if the object might have been a drone. as i stood there for a moment, the object simply stopped in the sky and did not move. for heaven's sake, i waved at it, and felt so very curious and elated to be watching this. it stopped for a moment again in the sky, and then continued to move from my left to right, then up and down. i suddenly noticed what i thought was a bright star high up above the object because it was white and the light was much smaller. it just seemed to appear. i watched it at the same time i was watching the object, and the white light moved to my left and disappeared. a second later, the object suddenly disappeared also. i went back inside and saw the the time on the was about 7:30 pm. unless this was someone's aerial toy or a drone, i would have to say it was a ufo. especially, in the vicinity over the ocean. it was all very curious and exciting.

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Credit: MUFON

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