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Saturday, November 24, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Wheeling, Illinois on 2018-11-23 17:15:00 - Observed stationary? object just east of i-94 at dundee rd, 60090 17:15 ct 11/23/18

i was northbound on i-94 at approx. 5:15pm ct, near the dundee exitj, in/near wheeling, il. traffic was fairly heavy, i kept to the righthand lane. initally, a white semi- ahead of me appeared to be having difficulty staying in the lane, drifting onto the shoulder every so often; i remained substantially behind him for a mile or so, eventually he pulled onto the shoulder. [it occurred to me later that perhaps he'd also seen the ufo and was dumbfounded or panicked and might be communicating via cb.] shortly thereafter i glanced to my right and observed a triangular craft for several seconds, solid black against the night sky, with very! large globular (warning?) lights at the apices, these emitting a fairly bright but dark red glow [wikipedia: approx. 650? nm], easily seen against the night sky. the form appeared to be equilateral, with no reflective qualities; impossible to gauge its dimensions. i could not discern any sound. my velocity was approx. 55mph; the object appeared almost stationary but seemed to be traveling southbound because of it's orientation, i.E. it was 'pointed' southward, and seemed to be paralleling the highway. i have been attempting to guesstimate its size -- at best i'd say its elevation was 100 to 150 feet and perhaps 100 to 150 feet on a side, but i could be off significantly, there were no reference points. what astonished me most was the size of the globular 'lights', they were quite large, possibly the diameter of a quarter held two feet away, so that the distance between a fore- and aft- light may have been 20 - 25 such diameters? [conjecture] i lost sight of it after perhaps 10 seconds of travel; i did not have time (and did not think) to attempt photographing it with my cellphone... recognition was immediate [have been a coast fan for 20 years and am familiar with peter davenport's reports of similar craft]. i was astonished at the circumstantial nature of this sighting and uttered a few choice expletives, never having thought i'd actually see one of these. i felt...Vindicated in a sense, and quite excited, being a firm believer in such phenomena given the massive evidence available.

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Credit: MUFON

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