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Saturday, November 24, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

UFO Sighting in Hayward, California on 2015-10-31 11:45:00 - Myself & a friend witness a pinkish orange star looking ufo while riding bikes in hayard ca i was playing my electric guitar through my battery powered amp while riding my bicycle something i still do regularly when my friend said what is that ? and

Myself and a friend were riding bicycles south bound down portsmouth st in hayward ca at night i was playing my electric guitar through a battery powered amp while riding my bike something i do almost every day anyway he said what is that? i looked and hovering above an elementary school was a small pink/orange star and i said from experience a ufo then he said the strangest thing what are we going to do about i said i know what to do i turned up the volume on my guitar and started playing a lead solo while riding towards the star when we rode passed it it fallowed us at the same speed we were traveling when we came to the intersection i went to push the button to cross the street i was playing the guitar with one hand while pushing the button to change the light i looked up and a sauser shaped ufo decended from above the roof top and down towards me i became frightened but continued playing the guitar with one hand as it flew slowly passed me as it made a u turn i could see a dome on top of it and then hoverd directly above me i was looking at the under side of it and saw thousands of finger lenth pinkish orange sparks astonished i stopped playing the guitar one by one the sparks disappeared then i couldn't see it anymore i rubbed my eyes looked again and it was gone my friend said maybe it was one of those chinese floating lamp things or a drone i said no! it was a ufo i know i have been seeing them since i was only three years old we rode up the street towards my dad's house and he said there it is again then he said let's just go home and i told him it's not every day that i get to mess with a ufo he sighed then i rode towards it again it was shining like a star again above a different elementary school i again turned up the volume of my guitar as it moved evenly with me i turned from calaroga ave onto coronado st it flew slowly over the tops of the house's once again hovering above me i was no stopped in the middle of the blvd i let my bicycle fall to the ground around my feet cars were passing me on both sides still playing my guitar and pointing my finger up at it yelling to the people driving by can't you see it i think they were more lconcerned about running me over i watched it until it flew up into the sky very fast and was gone! i know one thing they must like my guitar playing because i know it could have burned me into a charcoal black corpse if they wanted to just like they did to the mountain climbers on the sumit of the mountain of the dead.

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Credit: MUFON

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