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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

New 2015 UFO Sighting

Black Triangle Sighting in Big Sur, California on 1979-03-23 00:00:00 - Silent hovering glowing yellow object traveled north, dropped glowing object into ocean twice left glowing light trail turned left disappeared shot back light form

(646) 644-2109 i was with another person hiking in big sur for the day and came to the town of lucia where we stopped to have some food. we were camping and it was dark when we left and walked south on highway 1 towards the campground. we passed all the areas where the lights were visible and it was just the big sur mountains to the east and the cliffs going to the ocean on our left/west my companion stopped and looked out over the ocean a bit southwest of where we were standing. i followed his gaze and saw the ocean lit up in a big circle of yellow light and followed the light up to a glowing amber isosceles triangle hovering silently over the ocean. it was hard to tell how far out it was but probably one half to one mile. it was far enough away that we could see it clearly but couldn't really tell how large it was. all human powered vehicles around there like boats and planes made sound that echoed off of the mountains so it was significant to us that this was silent. it hovered for a few seconds and then slowly began an upward trajectory to the north and dropped something glowing into the ocean. it began to leave a glowing light behind it and dropped something else glowing into the ocean. it continued leaving it's glowing white light behind it and remained silent. when it reached to a point in front of us, it turned left and shot into space where it left a tiny yellow star-like light. at this point, my companion jimmy yelled out "wait, take me with you!" and 2 triangular rays of light shot out of it towards where we were standing, expanding outward as they traveled and then in front of us hovering over the ocean the rays formed a large glowing vertebral body like light that shimmered in the sky for about 15-20 min and then dissipated. it was a truly extraordinary experience to see this and something i had never expected. my legs were shaking from excitement but i was not afraid. i wanted to see more. i reported it to the local paper and they printed it. several days later i met a man who had read the article and told me that he had lived at that campground for a summer and that there were odd force fields that kept them from getting near odd bright lights coming from the wilderness in the mountains in big sur. is it us or is it them? who knows as some folks believe we have the technology to do these things ourselves now. to me it felt extraterrestrial. i would love to talk with someone about this sometime. my ex-husband has seen 2 ufos in manhattan and my uncle who was an air force pilot said they chased something the size of a football field once.

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Credit: MUFON

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