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Sunday, November 25, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Otford, England on 2018-09-03 19:41:00 - Object hovered stationary for several minutes then drifted away to the west at variuos slow speeds

1. sitting in the hot tub in the garden enjoying the last of the nice weather. 2. loking up at the sky relaxing and looking at very distant dull stars starting to appear as the light got low. 3. thought it was a black rubbish bin liner that had got picked up in a thermal or up draft. 4. object got slightly closer and bigger so floated south to north and then hung totally staionary for roughly 5 mins whilst constantly and slowly changing shape and was apaque with fuzzy edges. 5. i studied it for sometime. thought someone was filming me with a drone at first. it didnt move at all for the first 5 mins and certainly didnt look like a ballon or bag would in the wind. the wind was light but steady and was east to west. it looked almost human like at times and then morph into other randon shapes. i called my family to look too and they could not make it out either and it started to freak them out. (camera footage was taken). very strange that it just hung there for some time even though there was light wind. it never really looked 100% solid either and was quite fuzzy looking even though it seemed quite close. usually i can make things out in the end and i was expecting it to become clearer to me but it was something i had never seen before. freaked us all out in the end. my son and daughter were looking out from the 1st floor windows and i was on ground level in the rear garden. the sighting left us all stunned. 6. eventually the object drifted away fairly quickly considering it hadnt been moving at all for some time. it drifted off to the west maintaining its altitude until it drifted out of clear sight over a tree line and horizon. as it was drifting away a light aircraft flew through the frame on the camera, this was very clear on the footage.

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Credit: MUFON

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