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Saturday, November 17, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Alberta on 2017-03-16 18:16:00 - Wetaskiwin,camrose,hinton,leduc,edmonton,ponoka,hobbema

The rcmp, gang units, alert and interpol have been working together with identifying voices, telepathy, star people etc. when i was in college at the muskawachees cultural college i spoke to an rcmp member who took training in chicago for cease fire. the rcmp questioned me if i was told about the human trafficking grant money they had with the justice department, no i was not, i do report this to the rcmp. i heard someone from child welfare say at the muskwacheess cultural college that they were not suppose to be doing this program. that has been reported to the rcmp. another individual at the centenial centre in ponoka told staff at a meeting that they had been caught with criminal activity some of them, they were told to stop with this program. (program out of ponoka) the rcmp are aware of this also, so are ambulance drivers. i have dealt with the justice department before with the rcmp, parliament of canada, the privacy act etc, safety as a basic need in life. i have told the rcmp, with the justice department, the gang units, alert etc, i want to proceed in dealing with this made up group,(eastern stars, illuminati,company etc alias), their made up code language, fraud, with crimes against humanity.I was a child once myself and grandma's house is what i wanted to see. i have heard numerous complaints, redirecting people to report this to the rcmp and provincial police,(i have) about some individuals saying they are going around hunting humans and animals. voices etc, are very distinct to individuals, like a finger print is, whom that is coming from, voice recognition. the gang units and the rcmp have been dealing with misdiagnosis around this program also. just like this program and group go around harassing about a third eye, well if that is true to whom that is attached to, well i guess the police have policing tools and equipment to prove that in court of law. meaning laws do apply.Some individuals harassing about some upstairs ontario stuff, well the rcmp and gang units know all about this to. i have been asked why i was not responding to my emails, well i reported this to the rcmp because someone did that without my knowledge permission or consent and the rcmp were asked to investigate this and deal with that around a public figure, how this is affecting the public.

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Credit: MUFON

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