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Friday, November 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Burien, Washington on 2018-11-01 20:30:00 - Bf and i saw 5 very bright round lights in a horseshoe formation hovering. they def were not airplanes or street lights. we lost sight of them due to trees for 2 minutes then they had disappeared. they were so big we couldn't see how they did so quickly.

My boyfriend and i were driving north on hwy 509 (1st ave s) in burien, wa at 8:30. he commented on these bright lights ahead of us (about 2 football fields away) and asked me what they were. there were 5 very bright, round lights in a horse-shoe formation not moving- they held their position and distance apart from one another. the lights were much larger than any of the street lights we could see. i estimate the objects were probably larger than any airplanes as well and they were perfectly round balls of light and the lights did not waver at all. after a couple of minutes we lost sight of them because we were going slightly downhill and the dense trees to our right blocked them from view. i was anxious for the trees to clear to get another look. when they did clear, i looked behind us and all around to try to see where they had gone- it seemed that they would still be visible since they were so big. even though there is an airport in the vicinity, they were not airplanes. we also live next to an airport and we see planes all the time and these were not planes. both of us were pretty irritated that they disappeared and we never saw where they went, how they went, or anything. since we live by an airport i have observed airplanes coming into land at all angles, and sometimes airplanes can look like bright stars for a minute but you can quickly see the wings and flashing lights as they fly- that's how i know for pretty certain that these objects were not airplanes. i wanted to report them in case anyone else also saw them. i wish i had taken a picture with my cell phone but i was so transfixed watching them and talking with my boyfriend about them that it didn't occur to me til afterwards. i tried to draw a picture but it's not very good. i wanted to illustrate that the objects seemed to be large and they were above the trees and builings in the distance.

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Credit: MUFON

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