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Tuesday, November 6, 2018

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UFO Sighting in EXETER.., England on 2018-03-31 00:00:00 - April 2018 while fishing babbacombe pier, devon, uk, several unknown flying craft were photographed beside a in coming meteor shower.

I must start with a short message to the moderators & web site ajourners... please can you blow up this picture as much as needed so any folk reading this can see in good visability just what can be seen, i have taken this picture in a high ressolution and also with a good high maginification, you will be able to enlarge this picture more than enough to get a good view, i did not know how to store the photo and post it already big enough........ last april was to be my last pier sea fishing trip with my son for quite some time as i was just about due to have my leg amputated, i desperately wanted to get a fishing trip in before i was unabled to for quite some time, i was aware we were due for a meteor shower due to local weather reports, the weather for our chosen night was said to be good, and also the tide was also very suitable for fishing that location. we always fish this particular pier after dark, and always fishing 3 hours before high tide & also 2/3 hours after high tide, this always proves best for fishing here, it also helps find a good fishing spot to fish on the pier without losing a space, as this is very often a popular spot, actually the weather proved great (mostly) we had a very clear sky for most the evening, i am not a photographer by any means, my ideal camera is one that can be set to automatic and gives a lovely clear pic under any conditions using little more than the automatic feature...I set my rods up and began to fish, as soon as the meteor shower really came into view i tried to take as many pictures as i could before it faded past, as it happened e had a reasonable shower but most were so fast and spontanious to work out where the next my come from, most did not follow a regular path and fell where they wanted, i dont know if you have ever tried to take a photo of a zippy fast meteor that lasts less than a second and can appear anywhere in the sky above, well its almost impossible, anyway my son & and his friend actually was happy catching dogfish and leaving me to attempt to get a reasonable pic of a meteor, i took very many pictures,mostly with very little to no success, the meteor shower was flowing fast many very in the far distants and barely worth the effort, nothing more than white zip that was gone almost before it was spotted. on a few occasions i got a pic of a distant but pretty meteor, looking back on a map and attempting to use a compass of the pier and its general gegraphical location looking outward across the sea i think i was next to the mwatching the sky anwhere from north east, north, and north west, and anywhere directly above. when taking my pictures on a pier during pitch black early hours of the morning i leave most of the work to my cameras automatic feature (yeah call me what you like, but it works for me and i have a achieved some pretty cool pictures doing this. i will however generally set my camera to use a very high ressolution and also set it on a very strong magification, i try to take pictures holding the camera, but with meteors or fast moving objects i really needed a tripod to stop my shaking. problem with the tripod i was restricted to a single sky point... i settled for this as my leg was aching and i need to sit down, i have a weird bit of sprug wire that fits into the push button to take a photo without shaking, i used this and sat next to it clicking away on my auto clicker everytime i thought a meteor come into view of my lens.. my son and his buddy fished untill dawn, i turned my camera off a bit early but a thick fog drifted in very fast and prevented my taking pics anyway, …. now ok guys, a couple of days after downloading my pictures i decided to clear this set of pictures of any pics that were just not worth keeping, and sadly most were just rubbish, however i left the pictures in a folder on my laptops desktop untill 4 days ago, when for some reason i was drawn to have a look at what i had done, i nearly fell off my chair when i started looking deeply into the picture i have uploaded for you, what you are seeing in my picture is exactly how i found it, i have done nothing with it at all, looking at the picture without strong maginifcation revels vertually nothing, so please look at the meteor at the bottom left of my picture, then magnify get nice and close to the top & left of the meteor, you can clearly see 2 maybe 3 awesome looking craft, i think there could be 3, the one that is very near the top of the meteor looks like it has some of the characteristics visible in the other two, in absolute honesty my son, or his buddy, or myself never spoted anything at all flying beside the meteor, if i had not have had a close look at these photos just a few days ago, this may have ended up in my recycle bin due to being a poor picture.. i am trying my hardest to forget just what this might be untill i know for sure!!, sure it will get ribbed and i am sure my spelling will also cause a few good laughs, well thats cool, i am ok with that, i would like any serious educated thoughts on this if it is possible, i cannot belive these are reflections from the meteor, and more convincingly that meteor was visable for little more than a very short split second, if these are some sort of flying craft then to be spoted only in the split second that meteor fell then they were flying at warp speed, my son & i fish this location very often simply because it offeres reasonably easy access to the pier with good parking too. i have only 1 picture that shows these objects, if i ever take a pic of anything else again like this i shall probably write a book next time lol.. thanks for looking, i hope you enjoy the picture as much as we do...

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Credit: MUFON

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