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Tuesday, November 27, 2018

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Black Triangle Sighting in Mesa, Arizona on 2018-11-07 12:00:00 - I was filming the clouds one day and i found about at least 30 different ships that you can clearly see summer cloak some uncloak on camera it's unbelievable

This all started about 2 weeks ago i was sitting in my back patio smoking a cigarette i was really tired that day my first day off in a while and i looked up in the clouds and i thought i saw something move which caused me to break out my cell phone and start filming well since that day i've got about 14 videos it's hard to see what you're looking looking at in some videos the other ones are very clear and you know what you're watching that's for sure the one i'm downloading on mufon this evening unbelievably. shocking when you watch this video please watch it all the way through it is going to blow your mind the way you are going to watch this video is a way i filmed it there's been no editing no nothing i'm not sure what i'm filming if it's holograms or if this stuff is real but has blown my mind away. it's been hard to sleep the last two weeks have been really rough i filmed on multiple days and pretty much the same videos are filmed on a daily basis it's crazy i'm a normal person 50 years old have a normal job retired law enforcement the things are going the watch on this video again just unbelievable and i have 14 other videos for mufon is interested in getting copies of them i have no problem giving those copies to you guys.

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Credit: MUFON

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