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Friday, November 2, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Terlingua, Texas on 2016-04-30 15:30:00 - 2 glowing solid spheres connected to each other by tube flew over my head 100 ft

I take people to the high desert in the big bend area in texas. all other 5 people had gone out into desert to camp alone leaving me alone in base camp. the sun had set behind the blue ridge of the solotario geological formation nw of terlingua, tx about 10 miles. looking to the sw i see a glowing white light with double appearance. it flew directly at me from far off in mexico air space. this vehicle flew directly at me and over my head less than 100 feet. 2 large solid spheres glowing white connected between them by large tube structure with the 2 spheres quite close together flying forward side by side. very hard to determine how large, but vehicle was very large, completely silent. passed directly over my head and proceeded in direct line to the ne until it disappeared. this was the second day in the desert camping. very remote area. i was preparing my camp for the coming night. i was stunned and simply stared as i watched it come directly at me and directly over my head. so stunned i did not even think to grab my phone or camera. it was not glowing so bright i could see it was a solid vehicle. i have never reported this before. i have never heard of this type vehicle before. i am curious to know if you at mufon have heard or have record of this type object. there is no doubt to me this object was not from earth and intentionally flew directly over my head. too coincidental in that very large, open, remote land to pass directly over my head by accident. i can provide sketch. the tube connecting the spheres was approximately 1/3 diameter of the diameter of the spheres which were identical. the tube was not long such that the spheres were quite close together. the vehicle total size was clearly larger than a 747 jumbo jet for reference. completely silent and moving approximately 20 mph or less. passed over very slowly and never changed speed that i could tell unless there was some acceleration after passing over because it disappeared within 2 minutes.

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Credit: MUFON

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