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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Drake, Colorado on 2010-07-08 03:00:00 - While in the mountains we encountered something i've held in for 8 years.

While on vacation with my family in drake colorado, we rented a cabin near storm mountain, 2,000+feet in the air. no neighbors, no sightings of any other life aside from wildlife for over a week, no planes, no sound, simply peaceful. until i was outside smoking a cigarette one night at around 3am. out of nowhere a huge dark object zooms over the mountain line and stops with bright lights that were somehow faint at the same time, small in size but captivating almost to look at. it hovered right alongside the mountain but right underneath the moon, and somehow there was no light cast atop of it as there was on the mountaintop. it also made absolutely no sound as an airplane or helicopter would being that close to me, rather just that inner ear high pitch sound you get from time to time, especially in the middle of the mountains with nothing but silence, but it also hadn't moved in a few minutes now. i then knew there was no way this was a normal airplane. i ran up to the top deck where they had a telescope set up and got a closer look, it was a massive diamond almost triangular solid mass but 2 other weird points to it with one light at each corner. it was no airplane, as i'm familiar with air traffic and see plane lights constantly here in dallas. as i'm watching this object intensely, i lost track of time, 3 huge loud black jets come out of nowhere from the right side of the sky, and instead of going through the path of the lights, they go around as if there's something solid not allowing them a straight flight path, at that time, i knew this wasn't just stars or some type of light from the sky. as 2 jets went over the lights and mass, one went underneath and they met up almost in uniform on the left side of the craft. they leave quickly and not even a minute or so later, come back with 4 more jets, and continue the pattern of jets going over and under the lights but never through it. randomly, the mass shifts but not by much maybe 20 ft but in a very smooth and almost instantaneous manner. as the jets continue to circle the object the lights become immensely brighter and then all of the sudden it just disappeared. literally just, gone, afterwards the jets stayed around the area for about 20+ minutes in weird flight patterns. we stayed for another week and never saw another airplane/jet or any other air traffic just as we hadn't seen in the first week either. before the jets showed up i couldn't stop staring at these lights and felt this warmth almost but not an outside warmth as it was almost 40° but this inner warmth, i also do not know how long i was staring at the lights before the jets came, it's like them swooping in snapped me out of some sort of trance. after this experience, i get the loud humming/whirring sound in my ears constantly as it only ever happened seldomly before and it lasts for minutes at a time. the longest it's lasted was over 15 minutes and it's quite unsettling.

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Credit: MUFON

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