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Monday, November 26, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Alberta on 2017-07-17 04:17:00 - Wetaskiwin,camrose,hinton,hobbema,edmonton,leduc,millet,ponoka,red deer

In this day and age, the approach is cross cultural training and awareness. i have had people tell me they want to be believed. in dealing with the rcmp, everything has been verified legally. the subject of skybeing's came up. in today's day and age the word aryan is out dated due to the white supremacy conentation from ww2. i have been harassed by someone who figures he is king of the universe? really i report this to the rcmp, i was born on planet earth. i have heard of this weirdo harassing people i know about a war in heaven? that sounds bizarre, we are on planet earth. i have heard controversy about the white buffalo calf woman prophecy. i referred the rcmp to the lakota and chief arvol, as that is their prophecy. anyone can look up "chief arvol looking horse speaks of white buffalo prophecy" on you tube. another subject came up to "the rainbow warrior prophecies." " warriors of the rainbow" that anyone can look up on you tube. again the rcmp were directed to the source of these prophecies for verification in a safe legal matter. the rcmp were also directed to speak with the hopi's, from the u.S. they have a prophecy "native american prophecy ( hopi stories of the rainbow warriors). that anyone can look up on you tube. the common theme is children and nature. what is a suffix in skybeing? being. what is the definition of a being? spirit of living beings? has anyone heard of that. spiritual beings? these prophecies are also about the evolution of humanity. what is the prefix of humanity? human. people have to act human first, there is alot to be said for kindness and compassion, safety, law and order. points to ponder " the golden key ( humanity healing)" on you tube that anyone can look up. one police officer from interpol told me he has never seen so much greed as he has around my case, i would have to agree. people are not games and toys, you do not play god with people's lives.

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Credit: MUFON

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