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Friday, November 23, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Pugwash, Nova Scotia on 2002-07-20 21:10:00 - Flying saucer-like about the size of a bus. appeared out of thin air. spun for about 5 seconds and vanished.

I was at the beach (sandy cove) with my sister and about three friends. while we were teens, we were not drinking or using drugs. it was a summer evening, and the sun was setting. it was a clear and warm night. about half a km away, we saw a bright flash of light in the north east sky, over the tip of shoreline, to the left of the cove. it caught or attention so we all turned or heads to the sky looking to see what it was. about five seconds later the same burst of light appeared to the right of us, over the tip of the shoreline on the other side of the cove. nearer to us. shocked, we kept our eyes on the sky. again, to the left of us. the burst of light appeared, and then disappeared. seconds later to the right of us on the other side of the cove, another burst of light appeared. even quicker this next time, the burst of light appeared to the left of us, over the northeastern shoreline of the cove (beach). as we turned our heads looking for it to appear to the right of us, a flying saucer appeared out of thin air. out of nowhere! it was about the length of a bus and about 200 ft away. hovering over the water, just above the shoreline. i recall that it hummed, as it hovered. there was a pod on the top and bottom of the saucer, it had windows lot with a white/yellow light. i recall seeing the outline of figures in the windows. these pods and windows did not rotated however the thin saucer-like center piece did. it was lit with lights, which made it evident that it was spinning. the object spun once, twice, a third time. taking about a second(ish) to spin full circle each time. then, the object vanished as quickly as it appeared. within that short time, from appearing to disappearing, one of my friends had run to his cottage looking for his mom. we spent some time waiting for it to come back. still very shocked. i ran home after a few minutes and told my parents, who did not believe me. reflecting back on the experience now, i wonder if it wasn’t toying with us or trying to get our attention with the light show it put on. it seemed obvious that we were there on the beach, with our beach bon-fire. this was years ago now but i remember the experience vividly. there was no mode of reporting it at the time, and who would have believed us if we did. i swear this information is true. as a reasonable minded government employee as an adult, i can say with certainty that this was no weather balloon or drone. it was unlike any other man made object i know to exist. it did not fly to or from the scene. it appeared and then disappeared from thin air. please do not disclose my name.

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Credit: MUFON

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