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Monday, November 26, 2018

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Alien Encounter in Alberta on 2017-08-12 18:14:00 - Wetaskiwin,hinton,camorse,ponoka,hobbema,leduc,edmonton,,millet,red deer

I have had people come around me saying they wanted to be believed. validated. they usually make comments about a program to due with mental health. this program is being done fraudulently, frauding the government and the rcmp and justice department. i have heard of numerous alais's about a boss, president,king, king of the universe etc. this has all been reported to the rcmp,gang units, alert and interpol. this is not true. that has to do with a witness protection program in a missing persons case. this is a rare case, people who are not qualified have been interfering causing alot of safety concerns. this program group, started when i was at the muskwachess cultural college as a student, i had spoken with the rcmp about doing a practicum with an rcmp officer who took training with cease fire in chicago. someone from child welfare told them at the muscwachess cultural college they were not suppose to be doing this. i was trying to deal with an rcmp officer at the time, about an epo, a safety protection order. instead i have found i have been getting targeted by the suspect in my case. why is that? when people who are not qualified to deal with a rare missing persons case, keep interfering with official police business, harassing and tampering with a victim and witness. same as with mental health, the centennial center in ponoka has been told numerous times to stop with their program, reported to numerous rcmp, gang units, alert,interpol, military police, before a judge in a law court. i have heard the comment some curious about hearing "just like that". that has to do with children and the rcmp. that is how, i was a child once myself grandma's house is what i wanted to see got started. that is copy written with the rcmp around the children and myself for obvious safety concerns. in a missing persons case, qualified professionals deal with that at the age it happened, not the age they found the missing persons.

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Credit: MUFON

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