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Tuesday, November 20, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Texas on 2014-07-31 22:00:00 - Solid bright orb of light flew at same speed and same height with no sound over eagle mountain lake in fort worth texas

In the summer of 2014 (probably around august), myself, my husband, my older sister, and my two children (ages 10 and 14 at the time) were fishing from our boat on eagle mountain lake in fort worth texas. it was approximately 9 to 10pm on a clear summer night with no clouds and no wind. it was already completely dark outside and we were tied up to a dock fishing. my sister was the first one of us to see the object. she tapped my husband on the back and then pointed to the object in question as if to bring his attention to it, without blurting it out loud as to not freak out my kids. she then stated "what is that?" we then all immediately saw what she was pointing at. what we all 5 saw was a very large and very bright solid light orb (bright like a spotlight) orange/yellow in color. the light was constant and did not flicker or blink or fade. the light was coming from the east and was traveling in a westward direction. the light passed over us and maintained the same speed and distance the entire time. the object never sped up or slowed down, but maintained the same trajectory path the entire time. the object stayed at the same distance in height the entire time as well. i am not good with gaging distances in the air but i will say that the object was approximately 500 feet up. we were all five kind of in a state of awe or shock and began rapidly discussing what it might be or not be. we were all a little freaked out and the discussion even made my daughter pretty upset. as it passed us and was midway through the sky across the lake, we were still watching it and this is when things got really scary in my opinion. as it went over the lake we all five were still staring at it when the light turned off in the blink of an eye. just like you would turn off a light switch, the light shut off. it did not burn out or flicker but went from full light mode to immediately blacked out. it was then that you could see the silhouette of it against the moonlit night sky or should i say the westward brighter sky. it was then that i realized how big it truly was. i couldn't make out a definitive shape but would say more flattened octagonal or oval. it continued on blacked out until it was no longer visible. i would say that from horizon to horizon we watched it for approximately 2 minutes. i searched for days on the internet afterwards to see if i could see anyone else reporting something similar. i even called and reported it to a man that my dad gave me the phone number too (possibly a mufon member). still to this day my family is unsure of what we saw but i know without a shadow of a doubt that it was not a plane, a lantern, a balloon, a firework, a shooting star, a blimp etc...

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Credit: MUFON

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