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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

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UFO Sighting in Greensboro, North Carolina on 2018-10-28 18:30:00 - Star-like object moved across the sky, then towards clouds. seemed like it would come out of clouds, but didn't.

1. another employee and i were working to get his car door open. when he said he didn't need my help, i turned around to head back in too our business. 2. as i was noticing the sunset and the vapor trails coming off of nearby planes, i saw a small, star-like object moving across the sky. i was surprised because it was strange to see a star in the light of a sunset, and also because i could not see a vapor trail coming off an airborne and moving object. 3. i thought at first it was a star, and then it moved and i thought it might be a balloon. however, the way it was moving made me think it wasn't. it then headed toward some clouds and, given the speed it was moving, i expected it to come out of the clouds, but it did not. 4. the object looked like a star in the daytime. it moved across the sky in a northwesterly direction, about 315-330 degrees?(that's after using a compass app on my phone), then up slightly and into a collection of clouds. 5. i remember thinking that i had always kind of wanted to see a ufo, but never thought i'd actually see one. my first thought was that it couldn't be a ufo. i remember thinking, as it headed towards the clouds, "okay, it's going to come out of the clouds. it's...Not coming out of the clouds." i was excited, afraid and confused all at once. 6. it went inside some clouds and never came back out. now i have attached a photo with this from my cellphone. the ufo is not in the picture, but the clouds it flew into are. you can also see that there are planes in the area. i got their vapor trails. it all happened so fast, i felt like i had to have something.

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Credit: MUFON

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