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Wednesday, November 28, 2018

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UFO Sighting in St. Augustine, Florida on 2018-11-25 19:00:00 - Unknown lights sighting

I was standing in front of a friend's house, we both heard a airplane, which when i looked up in the sky, appeared to be a low flying single engine plane, like a cesna. i saw a very small white flashing light in the nw, it flew towards the se, and crossed over the small airplane i saw first, it appeared to be at a very high altitude, as it flew over what i believe is a stratus cloud. after it passed over the cloud, i watched it fly towards the se, but now i saw three bright white lights, all in a row, blinking in this sequence: left, middle, middle, right. over and over again, i know alot about airplanes, and i do not know of any planes that have lights like that on them, as usually they have one white light and one green one. it soon disappeared below the tree line to the se. the friend i was talking to could not see it because he has very bad eyesight, especially at night. also, as i was watching it fly se, i could kinda make out a dark outline of what looked like a flat object, or maybe wings, but i could not make out a body of the craft.

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Credit: MUFON

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